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Zone V Camera Club goes beyond creativity, blending a love of art with philanthropic advocacy



Team Out of Town Blog Hub (Outoftownblog.com) – Since its founding in 1978, Zone Five Camera Club (ZVCC), a guild of aesthetics who share a love of photography, has become one of the most popular fine art photography clubs of the day, after Having gained fame in local and international photography competitions, her membership has combined their passion for photography as an art form on par with the passion for making a difference in people’s lives. Exhibitions and fundraising activities to support the advancement of the education of disadvantaged students at an appropriate annual charitable event called: Images of Hope (Helping Others Prosper and Excellence). Foundation (ADF), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing learning for selected youth in Sapang Palay, Bulacan. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, ZVCC was able to pivot and hold the event online. It was the first in the acclaimed union history. But it is not ironic that the images of hope’s smooth transition into virtual space were in stark contrast to the plight of many ADF students. Education for the underprivileged has been disproportionately poor during the pandemic.” This is not only because they do not have a reliable internet connection in their homes, but more importantly because they are not likely to own laptops and computers,” said ZVCC Vice President Angela Panellio. “Both are key components in the transition to distance learning.” Perhaps as an unbearably graceful heart, the cramped quarters and noisy areas typical of slums do not at all facilitate proper study. For this purpose, through Hope Pictures, ZVCC was able to raise funds to purchase computers for ADF scientists; In partnership with the PLDT/Smart fiber connection, building The Learning Hub, a fully functional digital learning center equipped with 10 desktop computers and an internet speed of 600 Mbps, the center addressed the needs of the ADF researcher to create an environment conducive to studies. Miranella, a fourth-year undergraduate researcher, stayed at The Hub for three months as a “survival haven in online classrooms,” somewhere to focus and focus hard on her lessons. This setup allowed the engineering student to “efficiently host a webinar” and eventually finish her thesis research. Eating chicken and gossiping from the neighbors was interrupting Jasmine at home. In her second year of office management, the constant fuss made it difficult for her to work on school projects. But The Hub was “a quiet place for people who are easily distracted by noise.” However, for some, The Hub has become a place they can call “home”. To solve internship problems, Queenie, the student who finished business, stayed at the ADF not just for a few weeks but for an entire semester. Quick access to The Hub made it easy to conduct research and interviews for her digital project. As a result, I graduated last September with the “Best Trainee” award. After the success of Images of HOPE in 2021, ZVCC is once again holding a sale of online photography publications showcasing some of their best work from October 23 to 31 at www. zonev.org with the subject: “Larawang Likha, Handog sa Kapwa”. “This year, we selected our charitable event in favor of Educational Research Development Assistance (ERDA) SaBaNa (for SAnayan ng mga BAtang NAnambakan – which translates to Training Center for Scavengers Children),” said ZVCC Head of Special Projects Robin Castor Ranin. It was founded in 1974 by a father. Pierre Tretz, SJ (Jesus Society), a Frenchman who renounced his citizenship to become a Filipino citizen, Erda discourages Filipino children from dropping out of school, Erda Foundation helps disadvantaged students on Radial Road 10, Tondo, Manila through continued support from partners, volunteers and generous beneficiaries such as ZVCC. “ERDA has already helped over 800,000 children in their education, and District V hopes we can deliver even more,” said ZVCC President Bern Wong. “But of course we need the public’s support, and so we invite our friends, art collectors and photography enthusiasts to visit www.zonev.org from October 23-21 and join us at Images of Hope this year.” “With your sponsorship, together we can blend our passion for artwork with Our passion for worthwhile causes,” follow Wong.Follow Out of Town Travel Blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest if you want more travel and tech updates. Read: Photo Club Zone Five’s creative passion benefits Bulacan Children’s Education


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