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What to wear in Iceland in summer


Iceland is an island country, located mostly south of the Arctic Circle. The country is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, and it is not surprising that you should expect weather conditions to vary from season to season and from one part of Iceland to another. This blog details what to wear in Iceland during the summer months. What Weather To Expect In order to assess what to wear in Iceland during the summer, we first need to consider what weather conditions we can expect. The following table shows Iceland’s climate data for the months of June, July, August and September. Average Minimum Temperatures Average Maximum Temperatures Average Temperatures Average Daytime Hours Average Rainfall June 8°C / 46°F 12°C / 54°F 9°C / 48°F 21 1h 16 min 52.8 mm July 9°C / 48°F 14°C / 57°F 10.6°C / 51°F 19 hours 53 minutes 43.8 mm August 8°C / 46°F 13°C / 55°F 10.3° Celsius/50.5°F 16 hours 31 minutes 52.3 mm September 6°C/43°F 10°C/50°F 7.4°C/45.3°F 13 hours 8 minutes 67.3 mm As you can see, the weather in Iceland can still be very cold Even in the summer months. And while temperatures can reach 20-25°C (68-77°F) at this time of year, that’s not all that is common with average maximum temperatures tending to be much lower. This means that you need to be prepared for a range of weather conditions even when visiting Iclean and in the summer. For the sake of comparison, I would liken the conditions to what you might expect in the shoulder seasons (March/April and September/October) in the UK, if you are aware of what that is like. It can be very fun, but it can be cold and it can be wet. What to Wear: The Importance of Layering Assuming you’ll enjoy the outdoors in Iceland, we can’t stress enough the importance of layering. In short, you want to dress like an onion so you can take off (or re-wear) layers, depending on how you feel, how active you are, and prevailing weather conditions. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold, and proper layers can help in that regard. Helly Hansen products are great for this. They have a large selection of base layers, middle layers, and outer layers. Base layers should be lightweight and made of a synthetic or natural fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin. They should not be made of cotton as this will keep the moisture close to your skin. The middle layers are located above the base layer and are designed to provide insulation from the cold. They can be lightweight or thick depending on the level of protection required, and should trap air to help keep you warm and cozy when you’re active. The outer layers should protect you from wind, rain and cold. If it can also be breathable, that’s a bonus. This is where Helly Tech® fabric technology comes in and is best explained in this short video: As can be seen, Helly Tech® is made up of three layers: an outer fabric in which there is a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) coating that also protects against cold winds middle layer consisting of a highly waterproof and breathable membrane; And the third is a breathable inner fabric, mesh or lining. Important note: If you are reading this article anywhere other than a luxury travel blog, it is possible that this content was stolen without permission. Please note the web address above and contact A Luxury Travel Blog to report this issue to them. Thank you for your help in combating content theft. What We Wear Helly Hansen has been a trusted brand that has been protecting people from some of the world’s harshest environments since 1877, so we were more than happy to work with the brand again on our recent trip to Iceland. Here are just a few examples of the innovative clothing we used this time around. Let’s start with HH Arc Reversible Puffer. From the limited-edition archive collection, this reversible outdoor jacket is inspired by Helly Hansen’s history of creating performance products for the pro. This unisex dress features the clean, streamlined design and highly artistic details that Helly Hansen is known for, as seen here at the Fagradalsfjall volcano site in Iceland. While nodding back, the jackets simultaneously look forward with their unique reversible design. Its bright orange on the back is striking and really makes a statement, especially against the dark floodplains of Catla, effectively giving you two jackets for the price of one. For a splash-less look, try the Odin Mountain Infinity Shell Jacket made with Helly Hansen’s revolutionary LIFA Infinity Pro™ technology, which sets a new standard for performance, responsible gear, and waterproof/breathable. Not only is it lightweight, but this feat of fabric engineering results in a shell that excels in terms of water and wind resistance, while remaining extremely breathable and durable. It’s perfect for outdoor walks but will also work well as an outdoor layer when skiing. The jacket pairs perfectly with the Odin 9 World Infinity Shell Pants. These durable, all-featured clamshell pants are made with LIFA Infinity Pro™ – a waterproof/breathable technology without the use of chemicals. Even when it’s raining and the wind is blowing, it does very well while still being breathable, helped in part by a hip vent zip. Furthermore, the water repellent protection does not need to be re-lined with chemical treatment after use, which means these pants are durable and long-lasting while providing superior professional performance. Meanwhile, my wife wore the Verglas 2L Ripstop Shell Women’s Pants that feature a waterproof/breathable performance with HELLY TECH® Performance windproof construction. Manufactured from highly durable ripstop fabric that will last for many years to come, they are responsibly made through the bluesign® certified textile manufacturing process, improving safety and reducing waste at every step of the apparel supply chain. And they perform exceptionally well when it comes to repelling water and keeping you dry. For an effective middle layer, the men’s LIFALOFT™ Air Insulated Jacket is an ultra-breathable, warm and light insulated jacket that excels in cold weather, particularly during high-production endeavors. And the really great thing is that all that extra performance and warmth comes at such a small weight — just 335 grams to be exact. Skiers will appreciate the fact that the hood fits helmets, and the pockets are nice and roomy. Filmed here at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. There is also a women’s LIFALOFT™ Air Hooded Insulated Jacket. Like its male counterpart, it is breathable, warm, and lightweight, making it ideally built for any hard-working activities such as mountain climbing. Helly Hansen’s LIFALOFT™ Air technology is truly amazing at providing breathable warmth without the weight. For a slightly bulkier but still lightweight (450g) alternative to this middle class, we’ve loved the HP Insulator Jacket for Men that will really keep you comfortable. This waterproof and breathable insulated jacket comes with soft panels for year-round comfort, and the insole is strategically designed for the body to focus on your core. The sleeves and shoulder feature a raglan cut for maximum freedom of movement. As it happens, I just got back from walking the dog with him, and it really is a lot of fun! For more casual Helly Hansen wear, we have the Men’s Lightweight Nord Graphic Crew Jacket that comes in four colors—deep fjord (pictured), darker spruce, ebony or melange gray. This is a really comfortable classic cotton blend (80% cotton, 20% polyester) crew neck sweatshirt, perfect for everyday wear, with a Helly Hansen® Nord graphic on the chest, inspired by the brand’s house in Norway. Shown here while brunch at the Radisson Blu 1919’s Brut. For something a little more flirty, choose the men’s Verglas Light Hoodie. This super soft, thin, stretchy hoodie is perfect for the trail and the city. The wicking properties of its lightweight fabric help wick sweat away from the body. Pictured here in light olive at Kaffi Grandi, while you wait to try Reykjavik’s Flyover Iceland, but it’s also available in earthy blue or ebony. Back in the windbreaker for a while, the Men’s Pursuit Rain is Helly Hansen’s best-selling rain jacket that’s lightweight, waterproof/breathable with bold color blocking. It’s a favorite rain jacket among city commuters who like to stay dry while looking good, with color blocking and bold logos front and back for a modern urban look, but it also performs well in tougher environments thanks to the use of the reliable Helly Tech® Protection system. The hood and bottom trim can be adjusted for a custom fit, and they’re photographed here, along with the Odin 9 World Infinity Shell Pants, while walking to Iceland’s iconic plane wreck that you can see from a distance. For an insulated jacket that’s lighter and warmer, the Rapide LIFALOFT™ Women’s Air Jacket offers durability and design for hiking. Built for extreme mountain adventures where you need breathable warmth, protection, and unrestricted movement. Weighing just 290 grams, it combines a heavy-duty outer fabric with warm and light LIFALOFT™ insulation with waterproof properties that provide protection from light rain. This versatile jacket also features a chin guard, hand pockets, and concealed pockets, as well as an adjustable bottom hem with a drawcord. For the ultimate in lightweight wear, at just 150 grams, the Tech Trail Men’s T-Shirt is made for performance. On warmer days, you can carry a minimum on the road. It’s super light, comfortable and has wicking properties that wick moisture away from your skin, plus it has four-way stretch for freedom of movement, meaning it can also work well as a running cover. Speaking of tracks, did you know that Helly Hansen also makes a line of practical and innovative footwear? From winter boots to running and hiking boots, they’ve got you covered. We chose a variety of hiking boots that gave us just enough support for long hikes, but could also be worn in a short café. Men’s Cascade Low-Cut Helly Tech® Hiking Boots are lightweight, stable and well cushioned, but are also completely waterproof and feature a Helly Tech® membrane. In fact, it’s packed with a host of Helly Hansen technical performance features including an HH Pro-Guard toe cap, heel cap, HH Max Comfort sole, HH Power Stride midsole, and HH Surround-Grip outsole. The end result is a shoe that will keep you confident on your feet on all terrains and in all types of conditions. Here it is with a camper fitted for extra traction inside an ice cave on the edge of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Women’s Switchback Trail Helly Tech® hiking boots are similar in style and performance. They feature beautiful weather-resistant leather and a similar set of technical specifications to Helly Hansen (HellyTech® WATERPROOF, HH® Quick Dry, HH® Seam-Shield, HH® Max-Vent, HH® Pro Guard, HH® Power-Stride, and HH® Free). -Flex, HH® Arch-Brace, HH® Max-Comfort Insole, HH® Comfort Insole, HH® Max-Grip, HH® Tough-Wear, HH® Surround-Grip). With such a comprehensive list of features, it’s no wonder that a well-cushioned, low-cut hiking shoe delivers great traction over rugged terrain like an uneven lava field. If you’re headed to Iceland and want to be outfitted with the best performing clothes on the market, you can do well to have a look at Helly Hansen’s collection. They’ve made great strides in terms of technical advances in recent years, producing clothing that not only performs well – and lasts – but also uses materials with less environmental impact, consistent with the brand’s membership in the Sustainable Apparel Alliance (SAC). Everything we have described here would survive in much harsher conditions than we experienced on our trip to Iceland, but it was reassuring to know we would be warm and comfortable no matter what the weather threw at us. There were cooler and wetter days, but at no point did we feel like we were more than fully protected. Planning a trip to Iceland on your own? You can watch a video from our trip to Iceland here: Disclosure: Our trip to Iceland was also sponsored by Helly Hansen.

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