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Top travel trends for 2023


Travelers everywhere now understand the need to protect our planet, so they are looking for ways they can reduce carbon emissions while traveling and also hold travel companies accountable. “With climate warming firmly in the spotlight and travel returning to pre-pandemic levels, we’re seeing travelers demand more from tour operators and hotels,” says Tasha Hayes, COO and Sustainability Officer at Kontiki. “Experiential travel has long been a priority for Kontiki travelers for some time and we expect this trend to continue into 2023 and beyond.More than ever, they are looking for authentic experiences and claiming to get off the beaten tourist path.While 2020 offered a tough stop to the world, it also showed that both urban and natural environments have potential The hope that things will get better and better is exactly what aging kontiki travelers need to experience to encourage sustainability to be a key consideration in their daily lives, especially when it comes to travel.As green laundry becomes easier to spot, savvy travelers will look To spend their money with companies that are doing the right thing.” “Contiki takes a huge leap forward in 2023, as we closed out 2022 by announcing our goal of net zero,” says Adam Armstrong, CEO of Contiki. “Our parent company, TTC, has become the first tour operator with confirmed net zero targets, which is news Great for travel.In the last few years we’ve focused on reducing food waste at Contiki Special Residences.In addition to introducing renewable energy, all of our Special Residences are now run 100% on renewable energy.Looking to the future, we’re very focused on how we can reduce our carbon footprint For our rides.In the first half of 2023, we’ll complete the measurements on every Contiki ride with our new Carbon Measurement Tool, which was created to enable our teams to build low-carbon options and see what that does to their overall footprint.What’s exciting is the way that low carbon is woven into a shape Growing in how the brand operates – it’s the only way forward!” The focus on sustainable travel also translates into vegan eating and an ongoing interest in providing more vegan options for the duration of the trip. Complete it, a trend that has been adopted by restaurants/restaurants, as well as by operating accommodation and tour providers. Rebecca Gade Sawicki, creator of Veggies Abroad, says eating vegan will influence travel choices even more in 2023. “A recent study revealed that 42% of consumers worldwide believe that within the next 10 years, most people will eat a plant-based option.” on the choice of meat.This is not an isolated trend of our choices in our homes but also when traveling.Apart from restaurants having options, it has become common for hotels, wineries, tour companies, etc. to promote the availability of vegetarian options (or options that are produced No animal products – wine and toiletries). This also plays a role in sustainability – at least 15% of greenhouse gases are attributable to animal farming. Consumers worry about what’s on their plate and its impact on the planet.”

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