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Top 4 Best Corporate Travel Management Companies in Dallas


Managing corporate travel has a lot of moving parts and finding the best deals on flights, accommodations, and more can take hours – even days. Travel management companies simplify this process by providing you with everything in one place – from travel booking to post-travel reports. Travel management companies save you time, money, and energy by simplifying the entire business travel process. If you’re looking for the best travel management companies in Dallas, we’ve rounded up our top four picks for you in this guide. We’ll cover: Benefits of using a travel management company Most important features to look for when choosing a travel management company Top 4 travel management companies in Dallas 5 Benefits of using a travel management company Working with a travel management company can simplify the booking process and improve compliance. Not only that, partnering with a business travel company will allow you to: give employees more autonomy on their trips using self-booking engines, find negotiated prices and choose the best options from a huge inventory, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your travel budget using real. Time Reporting Centralize all operations such as making reservations, tracking expenses and reporting Ensure employees have real-time support when traveling for work Simply put, a corporate travel agency can help you save time when planning business travel and get more Make it clear in your business travel spending. Features to look for when choosing a travel management company Traditional travel management involves working with travel agents at real agencies to find the best deal. It is time consuming, inefficient and often does not lead to the best deal. Online travel management companies are changing this, and they provide a more transparent booking process for businesses. However, choosing the right TMC is not an easy task – you need to consider your company’s travel wants and needs. We’ve compiled a handy checklist of features to look for when choosing an agency for your business travel needs: Great Inventory Volume The more options you have, the better. Having a comprehensive inventory with access to flights, rail travel, car rental and accommodation is essential when deciding on a TMC. Flexible booking options Business trips are often subject to last minute changes. Choose a company that offers the flexibility to change or cancel reservations when needed. Strong Customer Support A corporate travel agency should easily address employee concerns with a fast and accessible customer support team. Easy Expense Management Look into the expense management capabilities of TMC to prioritize cost control and stay within budget. Easy-to-understand reports and analytics TMC can provide real-time data and analytics to improve decision making at the top and improve your travel policy. Compliance and approval processes give employees the autonomy to book and manage their itineraries using a fail-proof system for review and approval in line with the policy. Group Travel Options There’s no doubt that you’ll often need to book travel for more than one employee, perhaps having a company-wide event or team meeting. You will need a TMC that can accommodate group travel and VIP guests in your travel plans. Top 4 Dallas Corporate Travel Management Companies Based on these criteria, we reviewed a wide range of companies that offer corporate travel management in Dallas. Here are our top four picks to make the decision easier for you: 1. TravelPerk TravelPerk is a travel management platform that provides comprehensive travel services for businesses of all sizes. Built with the latest technology, the tool provides advanced features to seamlessly plan and monitor business travel experiences. Plus, you only have to pay when you book a flight using the platform – so there’s no unnecessary spending. Here’s what makes TravelPerk the perfect solution for your business: Best-in-class travel inventory: Find the best flights, accommodations, rail tickets, and rental cars with TravelPerk’s unparalleled inventory worldwide. You can also book Airbnbs through the platform for additional options. Flexible bookings with FlexiPerk: Enjoy the freedom to change plans, cancel reservations at the last minute (up to 2 hours before departure) and get an 80% refund guaranteed – no questions asked. Achieve sustainability goals with GreenPerk: Work on your carbon control goals by offsetting 100% of your corporate travel carbon emissions. Slack – To provide complete travel management from a single platform. Easy expense management: Control your company’s travel expenses with policy compliance, spending limits, and business travel reports to make better decisions. Effective risk management with TravelCare: Check the latest travel alerts before planning any business vacation and provide a direct line of contact with our support team. 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT: TravelPerk’s 7-star support team is available 24/7 to solve your company’s travel issues in real time. TravelPerk offers a more innovative and hassle-free alternative to working with a traditional travel agent for your business routes. You can customize the tool the way you want and effortlessly enforce your policy. See how TravelPerk makes business travel stress-free 2. North Travel North Travel is a full-service travel management company offering business and leisure travel options. With nearly seven decades of experience in the travel industry, they are a trusted name for Texas travel services. Here’s how North Travel outperforms some Dallas corporate travel agencies: Custom Setup: Work with the best in powerful technology and seasoned travel experts to create a reservation process tailored to your needs Large inventory: Choose from a wide range of options in Travelport’s robust GDS platform, including 40,000 locations worldwide and 800 airlines, Powerful Reporting: Stay on top of all your travel expenses and maximize policy compliance with over 100 reports generated for different aspects of the trip. Anywhere around the world at any time without planning all transportation 24/7 Customer Support: Get any questions answered before, during or after your flight with a simple text or call Although North Travel is among the best Dallas Travel Agencies, is behind TravelPerk on several fronts. Since their primary focus is on personal travel and vacation packages – eg, honeymoon, luxury travel, river cruises, Disney, etc. – their corporate travel services are not comprehensive or guaranteed. TravelPerk has the most comprehensive inventory and flexible booking options. North Travel also fails to offer perks such as passenger tracking, carbon offsets, and flexible booking options. 3. CTM Corporate Travel Management (CTM) is a multi-functional TMC company that provides unique services to travel managers, organizers and business travelers. It offers a tried and tested service to easily manage all your business trips using smart technology. Here are the biggest benefits of choosing CTM as your business travel partner: Intuitive Technology: A customer-centric CTM toolkit can help you with reporting, approvals, forecasting, sustainability, risk management, and more. Seamlessly route your itinerary with award-winning OBT and get real-time updates on their mobile app Dedicated account managers: Optimize your company’s travel program with a strategic travel advisor that takes care of reporting, negotiations, unused tickets, etc. Industry-specific solutions: Search About service packages tailored to specific use cases, such as sports, university, small business and entertainment Make sustainable choices: fully understand the environmental impact of your travels and participate in the CTM Climate + carbon offset program Even as a global service provider, CTM remains lower than TravelPerk. The travel agency does not offer any flexibility to cancel or modify reservations at the last minute. You also do not have enough options to enforce compliance with the policy. More importantly, CTM charges additional fees for some services – such as phone reservations and modification of reservations – while TravelPerk does not. 4. Corporate Traveler is a business travel management solution that offers comprehensive travel experiences. The tool has an easy-to-use and elegant interface with an extensive inventory that provides extensive options for travelers. You’ll also get negotiated rates, a dedicated travel advisor, and in-depth reports. Here’s what Corporate Traveler has to offer for Dallas travel managers: Book with the mobile app: Find the best travel deals, book your reservations, track expenses, and get more done on your trip with the Corporate Traveler mobile app Global inventory: Choose from over a hundred companies Flight and millions of accommodation options at exclusive rates with promising savings Experienced advisors: Take the guesswork out and rely on the knowledge of a dedicated team of travel experts Risk management: access 24/7 emergency assistance and track any potential risks with a complete safety dashboard Increase Productivity: Corporate Traveler plans your travel itineraries with minimal transit times to increase productivity on each trip Despite these features, Corporate Traveler is not the most aggressively crowded option. TravelPerk offers a wider range of features—such as third-party integrations, guest account access, traveler tracking, and flexible travel options—than TravelPerk, making it a better TMC for businesses of all sizes. Time to Choose Your Business Travel Management Partner Finding a TMC that can handle your travel needs is key to improving your corporate travel management process. You need fast support, extensive travel options, comprehensive reports and flexible bookings to ensure you check all the necessary boxes. TravelPerk offers this and more to travel managers and organizations around the world, and is a trusted TMC in Dallas and beyond – and we’re not alone in thinking it. Really, it has an average of 4.6 stars from the G2 ratings. Join the thousands of companies saving time and money with TravelPerk by signing up for a demo today.

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