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Top 11 Things To Do In Stuttgart – Handbags Only


Located in southwestern Germany, Stuttgart is a city worth visiting. As you can see, there are heaps of the best things to do in Stuttgart scattered all over the city – and beyond. All this makes it a great place for a long weekend trip to visit the wider Baden-Württemberg region. Having said all that, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best places in town, especially if you’ve never been to this region of Germany before. Over the years we have visited Stuttgart many times and in different seasons. So, we hope to show you some of the best things to do in Stuttgart any time of the year you visit. Enjoy the best time to visit Stuttgart. 1.) Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Begun in 1843 inside a neoclassical building, Staatsgalerie is still alive to this day. A visit is one of the best things to do in Stuttgart if you are interested in art as it has thousands of pieces inside. Now, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is even bigger with a newer (in the 1980s) extension. Inside, it holds 20th-century art, such as pieces by Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Salvador, Joan Miró, and Franz Marc. It’s quite impressive to see, even if you don’t consider yourself an art lover. Once here, you’ll be able to find the Corpse of Christ by Annibale Carracci and the 16th-century Herrenberger Altarpiece by Girg Ratgeb at the Staatsgalerie. Just keep an eye out for the pieces inside the original building, too. It mostly shows Baroque and Renaissance interests, with paintings and sculptures by Rembrandt, Rubens, and Hans Memling. Oh yeah, and if you’re a student (under 21), you can also enter for free. We loved it. Further Read: Best Places In Germany To Visit 2.) Mercedes-Benz Museum Now, if you are into cars, you will love the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Not only does it detail the long history of the brand, but it talks about future cars and technology as well. As you can see, one part of the Mercedes-Benz Museum focuses on the history of the brand while the other shows the amazing variety of vehicles that Mercedes-Benz has built. Inside, there are more than 160 vehicles and thousands of exhibits. Catch a peek into the birth of the automobile by visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum for a few hours and fully immerse yourself in all things Mercedes-Benz. Also, if you want to make your trip around Stuttgart a little easier (or if you’re short on time), book this city bus tour. It’s a great way to get off on the best spots in Stuttgart – all without the hassle of organizing your travel. Read more: Our visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum 3.) The Porsche Museum Haven’t you finished with the cars? Well, then head to the Porsche Museum. It is one of the best things to do in Stuttgart if you are in your car. However, there may be plenty of car museums if you are not interested in cars and their history. If you decide to visit, one of the special things to do is see the Porsche Touchwall. It is an interactive part of the Porsche Museum and well worth exploring with the rest of the family. Here, you can use the touchscreen tires to view more than 3,000 photos, advertisements and graphics from the Porsche archives. In addition, Porsche in the Mix is ​​another interactive area of ​​the museum where you can play the sounds of horns, engines, and brakes of the various models that Porsche has developed over the years. With these sounds, you can become your own DJ and create an original music track and send it to yourself via email. Further Read: Best Places In Germany To Visit 4.) Wilhelma Zoological and Botanic Garden Wilhelma Zoological and Botanic Garden is one of the most popular places to visit in Stuttgart, especially on a warm sunny day. Now, the neo-Moorish-style buildings were initially created for King Wilhelm I, a Swabian monarch, to serve as a private royal retreat. Although nowadays, the buildings were then reoriented to a place for flora and fauna. They specifically care for juvenile gorillas who have been rejected by their mother. This way, experts and zoologists can help raise the gorillas so they don’t starve. Oh, also, as you stroll through the botanical gardens, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the magnolia grove. It is said to be the largest in Europe. Next, book a Stuttgart river cruise through the city to Marbach. It’s a great way to relax and put your feet up after a long day walking around the city. 5.) Solitude Palace Also known as Stuttgart Palace, visiting Solitude Palace is one of the best things to do in Stuttgart for its amazing history. Way back when Solitude Palace was originally built as a private hunting lodge by the former Duke of Wurttemberg. She is beautiful inside and out. Perched on the outskirts of Stuttgart, you can find beautiful gardens that you can stroll around before entering the palace itself. However, once inside, you can find many rooms to explore and art to see. We loved our visit and spent about 3 hours wandering the corridors and grounds of Solitude mansion. 6.) St. John’s Church The 19th-century St. John’s Church is a Gothic church with heaps of history and well worth a visit while strolling Stuttgart. This structure has been carefully rebuilt after it suffered bomb attacks during World War II. However, the Johannskirche Tower was deliberately left unfinished to serve as a memorial. Not only that, the details of the church inside have been carefully restored, and you’ll walk around and see the stunning architecture that makes up the church. One of the notable parts of the church are the stained glass windows. Next, head through Schillerplatz (it’s the historic center of Stuttgart). Here, you will be able to enter the Old Castle and see a structure dating back more than 1,000 years. In addition, you will be able to visit the Württemberg Museum (Landesmuseum Württemberg) as well. Inside, you can peruse seasonal exhibits and permanent collections that showcase everything from Roman exhibits to ancient history. 7.) Sepulchral Chapel (Württemberg Hill) Experience a different kind of trip and adventure while visiting the Sepulchral Chapel in Württemberg Hill. Known as Grabkapelle Rotenberg while in Stuttgart, this is a place worth visiting while in town. Originally built in 1820 in memory of King Wilhelm I’s beloved wife, you can stretch your legs and explore the area’s neoclassical church and vineyards. Getting hungry? Head to the nearby Rotenberger Weingärtle restaurant. This is a Swabian restaurant serving some of the best Käsespätzle in the area. We loved it. Further Read: Best Places In Germany To Visit 8.) The slopes of Stuttgart Staffel Stuttgart around the city are mostly covered with many vineyards, which are famous all over Germany for their delicious wines. While Stuttgart has expanded over the decades, staircases used by viticulturists since the 19th century still stand. This is Staffel concealer. There are more than 400 hidden staircases in the city which are fascinating to find. These stairs will bring you many great views of Stuttgart and are well worth seeing. Willy Reichert Staffel is one of the most popular staircases. This will take you to Karlshohe Park where you can also get your well-earned tipple in the Summer Garden. 9.) Stuttgart Public Library One haven for book lovers in Stuttgart is the Stuttgart Public Library. It is one of the best things to do in Stuttgart, especially if you consider yourself an intellectual. However, anyone can appreciate the beauty of this modern library and it is well worth seeing as you pass by. With so many books and floors inside, you’ll never run out of reading corners. This is also a nice chill, but of course, you have to keep in mind your other reading guests. Now, while the library is pretty cool if you don’t intend to stay in and read, it’s probably just a place to take pictures for 10 minutes. If this sounds like you, don’t make a special trip – just go if you’re passing through. Oh, and if you’re hungry, there’s a little rooftop cafe on the eighth floor of the building, too. 10.) Residential Palace Ludwigsburg Believed to be one of the largest Baroque buildings in Europe, the Residential Palace Ludwigsburg is one of the best things to do in Stuttgart. Once you get here, be sure to check out the lavish interiors and admire the many very beautiful rooms to behold. About a 20-minute drive from central Stuttgart, it’s the kind of place you can visit for a relaxing afternoon away from the bustling streets. We ended up spending about 4 hours here (by which point we were pretty hungry) and absolutely loved it. Further Read: Visit Ludwigsburg Residential Palace 11.) Esslingen and Hohenzollern Castle Fancy a day trip from Stuttgart? Well, hop in the car and head to the medieval city of Esslingen. Now, if you’re visiting in the winter, make sure you head over and explore the Christmas market that uses fire to light the streets and feels like you’re back in the 17th century. It’s such a special experience – we spent about 5 hours here and loved it. If that’s not your thing, head to the completely fairytale-like Hohenzollern Castle. I know this sounds totally cheesy but it really is. You will pay a small entrance fee to enter the castle, but it will be worth it. Just be sure to give yourself about 2-3 hours to walk around the rooms and grounds. It is an amazing experience and well worth making the effort to see when visiting Stuttgart. Further Read: Best Places In Germany To Visit 15 Of The Best Places In Germany To Visit Check Out The Best Places In Great Britain! Head over to our YouTube channel for travel videos!

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