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Some of the world’s best seafood at its best right now, plus the 15 best seafood restaurants in Fjord Norway


The seafood from Norway’s Fjord coast is considered some of the best in the world. During the winter season, it is at its best, with flavors that will take your visit to Norway to a whole new level. “It’s so refreshing and so good that I want to show it off — not hide it. Nothing here needs any disguise. Nothing here needs any disguise. It’s so refreshing and so good,” says Roni Kolvik, chef and driving force behind restaurants Bro and Bryt, which sit on the water’s edge in the middle of lesund’s narrow, charming Brosundet. In Western Norway, “ingredients must shine.” He stands by the pier just outside the restaurant as a small fishing boat comes towards us. The dedicated chef has an excellent deal to deliver fresh fish and world-class shellfish straight to his doorstep.” The taste experience you get from these The fresh ingredients give a totally different feel on the palate. Norway lobsters are so lively that they sometimes jump out of boxes. We almost have to let the ingredients cool off a bit before we can use them.” The small boat didn’t have to travel far. The world’s best oysters, Norwegian lobsters, oysters and lobsters can all be found nearby. Kolvik shares his enthusiasm for fresh local ingredients straight from the ocean with his seafood chefs and foodies all over Fjord Norway World-class locally sourced ingredients In Øygarden outside Bergen you’ll find Norway’s leading seafood and seafaring expertise Scalmarin supplies ingredients for Michelin and other seafood restaurants in Norway and beyond It’s no coincidence says manager Knut Magnus Persson The seafood along Norway’s west coast is pretty excellent.” We’re in a unique position in this area, and it all has to do with the climate and the sea temperature. The water cools but the fish and shellfish are still alive. It’s about to get very cold, so it really pushes it to the limit,” he says. Precisely because of this, seafood is at its best in the middle of winter. “The cold slows down the metabolism of the shellfish, giving them a sweeter, more distinct flavour. They breed over the summer, so they’re starting to develop really well physically, and when they hibernate they’re absolutely adorable,” he continues. Interest in seafood from Fjord Norway has skyrocketed in recent years, and Pearson is struggling to handle the massive demand. “We deliver to regular and star-rated restaurants Michelin in Norway, including Under, Maemo, BARE, Lysverket, ReNaa and Credo restaurants, as well as to Michelin starred restaurants in Sweden and Denmark. “We need to focus on expanding in order to meet demand,” says Pearson. bacaloo! Is she from Norway? Fresh fish and seafood are a signature dish in many restaurants in the villages and towns of Fjord Norway. Seafood has always been a part of daily life among the locals as well. In Bergen, the export of fish and seafood is the foundation upon which the city is built. In the same way, the klippfisk (dried fish on rocks) from northwest Fjord Norway is credited with being the cornerstone of Kristiansund and its development into an important Norwegian seafood export center. For example, Klippfisk from Kristiansund is used as an ingredient in Bacalao served in restaurants in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Bacalao and Klippfisk can also be found on rolls all over Fjord Norway. “Klippfisk is wild-caught fish that is salted and dried on soft coastal rocks. It can be stored for several years and has thus become a very popular commodity and has formed the basis for many industries in our region. Today we export around 100,000 tons of klippfisk worldwide, which is an important export business It is also a sustainable resource because it can be transported without the use of air transport,” says Tore Legerns of innovation company Vindel in Kristiansund. Fish and seafood have also formed many of the small, quaint communities along the coast of Fjord Norway. Solund is an island community that has grown due to the area’s proximity to the sea and fresh seafood. The inhabitants settled on the ocean’s edge to be as close as possible to the ocean’s bounty. Nowadays, there are guided boat tours of the area and you can learn how seafood and fisheries have shaped the local community throughout history. Life on the outer islands was not so agreeable, and the advent of motor boats made it possible to live more centrally while still fishing for a living. All that remains on the outer islands are the buildings left over from the enterprises that were there, and those who Growing up there they have now moved to Hardbakke, which was once home to a police station, a priest and a school,” says Tom Færøy, general manager of Suljet, which organizes guided tours and island hopping in the area. Seafood Festival Throughout history, seafood has been the lifeblood of coastal Norwegian culture, in the same way that it is now a major feature of Fjord Norway’s gastronomy. This is celebrated every year with the Bergen Seafood Festival. “We celebrate seafood at its best with a lively festival in the restaurants in Bergen and seafood activities at the Mathalen food hall and at the fish market. There are courses, lectures, and competitions, and restaurants serve lunches and dinners using international ingredients. There is an opportunity to try seafood along with apple juice and learn how to make your own sushi at home. This year, the festival will take place from February 17-19, with local food producers selling produce and specialty dishes from the sea and land. You can learn more about the food, discover the story behind it, and gain insight into how it’s made. More than twenty restaurants participate in the festival, all of which pay homage to the unique local ingredients from the sea. Important note: If you are reading this article anywhere other than a luxury travel blog, it is likely that this content has been stolen without permission. Please note the web address above and contact A Luxury Travel Blog to report this issue to them. Thank you for your help in combating content theft. Top 15 Seafood Restaurants in Fjord Norway Renaa, Stavanger Our focus is on the best produce from the sea, fjords, lands, forests and mountains of this lush and generous region. Sabi Omakase, Stavanger Sabi Omakase was the first sushi restaurant to be awarded a Michelin rank in Norway! Sushi maker Roger Asakel Joya creates masterpieces on a plate of Norwegian ingredients. A pleasure to the eye and palate. Fisketorget in Stavanger, Stavanger is a restaurant serving fish and seafood, where the menu is based on the catch of the day. The passionate chefs at Fish Market create simple and delicious dishes for lunch and dinner. They focus exclusively on local products. Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant, Bergen A beautiful boat ride and a unique seafood experience at Cornelius Seafood Restaurant on Holmen Island just outside Bergen. Fish Me, Bergen Located in the fish market, Fish Me offers a wide range of seafood and snacks. Caters to groups and can be delivered to cruise ships. Lysverket, the Michelin-starred restaurant Lysverket from Bergen serves modern Scandinavian cuisine with seafood from Western Norway as well as seasonal meat and vegetarian dishes. BARE Restaurant, Bergen BARE Restaurant is one of two Michelin starred Bergen restaurants. The award was the result of our philosophy and love for the raw materials that the nature around us provides. Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri, Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri is located next to the harbor in idyllic Bekkjarvik in Austevoll, just 50 minutes by boat from Bergen Airport / Flesland or Bergen city centre. Bryggekanten Restaurant, Florø Restaurant Bryggekanten is passionate about good food and drinks. We don’t take shortcuts in pursuit of culinary treasures! Hjørnevikbua, Florø Restaurant Hjørnevikbua is located in the center of Florø, in what was once a herring hut. Knutholmen, Kalvåg Kalvåg is a big living hotel! Within walking distance around the cove you will find fishing huts, rooms or apartments, a restaurant, pub, ballroom and meeting rooms. Kami Skotholmen, Fosnavåg We welcome you to Skotholmen and seafood restaurant Kami Skotholmen. Sprinkle Restaurant at the water’s edge just a stone’s throw from Fosnavåg and a view from lesund. With a kitchen that follows the season, the sunset and the sea and horizon are presented as a mural in a crumbling seaside mess from the mid-nineteenth century. Bro, Ålesund Bro invites you on a journey through what we call coastal gastronomy. It’s a Nordic restaurant, with a strong focus on what the local and Norwegian coast has to offer. XL Diner, Ålesund XL Diner is known as one of the largest bacalao restaurants in Europe, the main focus is on the preparation, presentation and promotion of Norwegian snip (dried and salted fish). Combined with inspiration and knowledge from many parts of the world and a passionate staff, it enables XL Diner to offer a menu that suits most people’s tastes. Sjøstjerna, Kristiansund Sjøstjerna is a fish restaurant located in the heart of Kristiansund, in the pedestrian zone. It is a small family restaurant known for serving good food such as traditional bacalao and other fish dishes. The interior is decorated with Norwegian art and ancient remedies from Klipsch fish production. Open in summer only. In addition to the famous bacalao, you can also order klipfish in small balls; Bolinhos de Bacalhau, or a hunk of catfish grilled Portuguese-style and served with tomato salad and aioli. Try Klipsch’s best selling Cheese Fish. Sjøstjerna has a 70 seat restaurant and small ‘Star’ bar. Outdoor service in the summer.

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