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Solo Travel for Women – A Beginner’s Guide


We were all there, lifting luggage to our destination and breathing a sigh of relief at arrival. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned packaging professional, preparing for a solo trip instills a new level of self-control. Carrying on the pounds forces you to be careful with your clothing choices. my advice? Your Marie Kondo treasure, until it diminishes significantly, and you’re left with realistic clothes. (Don’t forget, you can always hand wash your items.) Aside from comfortable walking shoes and a reusable water bottle (essential), be prepared for sudden weather and forecasts, with interchangeable clothing. I recommend packing cubes to compress larger items and compartmentalize clothing and accessories. Pockets and locks are also essential to protect documents and valuables. Oh, and a microfiber towel, always. A good quality travel backpack with hidden pockets that will see you through most conditions. A money belt (hear us out) is also a handy way to stash your passport, documents and currency, albeit hands-free. Aside from the real basics, you won’t regret taking along a rechargeable battery pack, travel magazine, and tripod for self-timer shots. If you find packing cumbersome, why not check out Kontiki’s Pack My Bags Alexa skill, and let Alexa do the hard work for you? She’ll provide you with a customized packing list of all the essentials you need.

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