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Sample Invitation Letter UK or US in Nigeria


An invitation letter is one of the basic requirements for a UK or US visa application in Nigeria, and an additional document as a requirement for your travel visa is an invitation letter to visit the US or UK. You can request an invitation letter from your friends and family who live abroad. For example, you just got a call from a friend, relative, colleague or acquaintance visiting the US or UK. These individuals can mail a copy of the invitation letter with all planned travel intentions. This article gives you an overview of what an invitation letter looks like. Do you need a reliable agent for US/UK visa processing in Nigeria? Do you need a reliable travel agency to assist with visa processes / appointment times in Nigeria? Please contact Travelwaka Website: www.travelwaka.com/contact_us Instagram: www.instagram.com/travelwaka_tours Facebook: facebook.com/travelwakatours Twitter: www.twitter.com/travelwakatours Documents needed to explore UK and US International Passport. It is valid for at least six months prior to your application. Also, the passport must contain blank pages, and not be torn or damaged. Recent passport photographs According to UK or US guidelines, your passport must be recent within six months or less. Furthermore, there should be no extra covers or background added. Visa Fee Payment and Receipt As proof of payment, you can make a hard copy of the visa fee payment. visa application form; Fill out and sign flight and accommodation reservations If you will be staying with any relative, you must provide their address, status, and phone number. Proof of Funding (Bank Statement) The funds in your account must be sufficient to meet your needs in the US or UK. In addition you will provide evidence of the inflow and outflow of cash from your existing bank account. This letter of invitation is another document required when a statement of intent to travel includes ideal travel destinations; Study, medical care, tourism, employment offers, business, research, training, permanent relocation and many more. Whatever your purpose of travel is, it should be clearly explained in a letter. Medical or travel insurance as cover for emergencies, sometimes proof of insurance is required. It can be added to the list of documents for submission at the embassy. Tax proof for tax payments in your country especially for large businessmen When you claim to have business or company deals in your country, you must provide proof of tax payment. Also, it is necessary to prove that your income is related to the business. Criminal Investigation Record Since you should not have any pending crime cases to be sorted, you must provide a record of being free of crime. Birth, marriage, or divorce certificates, or educational qualifications are all requirements for identification and to show that you have proof of your claims. Medical Certificate or Clearance A medical exam is usually done in designated hospitals. Then, you present the results stamped at the embassy to show that you are in good health and fit to travel. Vaccination records are also important, as in the case of COVID-19, tuberculosis, yellow fever, etc. Purpose of a US Invitation Letter A US Invitation Letter is a great backup plan to ensure smooth visa processing. This means that you can submit the invitation letter written by the person who invited you for additional evidence. Therefore, the message must be detailed, direct and precise. Your claim may be investigated further at an interview. In addition, you should not only intend to travel to the United States or the United Kingdom without fully understanding what you want to do there. Moreover, for medical treatment, an invitation letter to the embassy is also written for clarification. In addition, you will be sending this yourself but you need to know what the contents of the letter are. In addition, the knowledge will help you prepare for your visa interview, so as not to conflict with the contents of your invitation letter. The exact time you need an invitation letter from the UK or the US Imagine your daughter just had a baby and you need to visit the US to help or see your grandchild(ren). Also, you may need to visit your relatives that you haven’t seen in a while just to spend a few moments together. In this case, this group of people who live in the United States or the United Kingdom is the host who invites you. In addition, you are invited to the United States or the United Kingdom for a specified period. So, they can help you with an invitation letter attached with all necessary contact information and details. In addition, an invitation letter from the United Kingdom or the United States is needed: when applying for a tourist, spouse, medical, work or study visa as an additional document for processing your visa to be submitted with other documents at the US Embassy to clarify all doubts you may have You may attach it to your tour Contents of the US or UK Invitation Letter The following are important information to include in your invitation letter; Full name of the person or company inviting you to the US or UK – your host Your full name as a guest invited to the US Residential address and contact information (phone number and email address) for the host Your residence address and contact information as an invited guest US relationship with the guest you invite To the United States Your host’s citizenship status with proof of the host’s international passport number and length of stay in the US Your host’s occupation and workplace address, including their exact roles There are additional documents such as marriage certificates, employment letter, proof of citizenship, etc. This is required to prove your host’s status in the United States. Your purpose of travel is clearly stated. Make a list of all the places you plan to visit during your stay in the United States. proof of how your trip will be financed; Who will pay your expenses which cover food, flight and accommodation. Duration of stay and where you will be staying during your trip. How to Write a UK or US Invitation Letter To write a US invitation letter, you should note the following points; A UK or US invitation letter is a formal letter. This should include two addresses (the host address and where the message is directed). The letter can be directed to the US Embassy. In this case, the address of the embassy in either Lagos or Abuja must be included. This can also be done on the basis of proximity to the embassy. For example, a person who lives in Gwagwalada would prefer to file a visa application in Abuja. Also, someone living in Ikeja would prefer to visit the US Embassy in Lagos for visa processing. The letter can be addressed to you as a guest, which you will also present at the embassy. Once your address is included in the letter, you must submit it at the embassy along with supporting evidence. You must be aware of all the information attached to the message. To avoid errors or false claims, you must abide by all the information contained in the message. This includes date of birth, address, relationship to the host, passport number, and intended country of visit. Unnecessary information should be avoided; Be direct and straight to the point. Irrelevant information should be excluded from the message. This can change the essence of the message and not reflect its reality. A signature should be attached at the end of your letter and at the end of your letter you should include a signature with the date and other important details for clarity. Sample Invitation Letter from the UK and the US Below is a sample Invitation Letter to the US; November 18, 2022 Mr. Ezekiel G. Ikenna 581 N Temple Ave Starke, Florida (FL), 32091 (262) 653-6273 uremail@gmail.com US Embassy, ​​AbujaPlot 1075 Diplomatic DriveCentral District District, Abuja, Nigeria Dear Consul, Invitation letter to United States I’m Ezekiel G. Ikenna, I live at 581 N Temple Avenue, Starke, Florida (FL), 32091. I’m a legal permanent resident of the United States. This letter was written on behalf of Sarah IKENNA with passport number A0185734. I request you to grant my mother Sarah Ekena, a Nigerian residing at 5, Olayiwola Estate, Ketu Lagos a tourist visa to the United States. I am marrying my beautiful wife in the United States and my mother is expected to be there to honor the occasion. Sarah will be arriving on November 28, 2022 and departing on December 10, 2022. The wedding is scheduled to take place on December 3rd, 2022 at 9 am at Florida Church of Faith in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During her stay, I will be fully responsible for her expenses, accommodation, and personal expenses while she is in the USA. You will be staying with me at the above address. She will return to Lagos, Nigeria when her visit ends. Sarah will send you this letter. She will also provide you with further evidence to ascertain her close relations with Nigeria and to assure you that she will return to Nigeria on the 10th of December 2022. Your in-depth consideration of this request will be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Name and Surname 581 N Temple Ave Starke, Florida (FL), 32091PhoneEmail (Signature and Date) If you also want to address the request to the guest, you must include their address in the letter along with all the details. Conclusion Although it is understood that a letter of invitation does not guarantee the success of a visa application. However, you must have a backup plan. This will give the embassy officials proof that you have an immediate purpose for visiting the US or the UK. Also, it should be noted that all other required documents must be submitted at the embassy. Therefore, if you are having difficulty arranging the information in your invitation letter, you can direct all questions to Travelwaka for further assistance. I wish you the best! If you need help processing your German interview date in Nigeria, do you need a reliable travel agency to assist with visa processes / appointment times in Nigeria? Please contact Travelwaka Website: www.travelwaka.com/contact_us Instagram: www.instagram.com/travelwaka_tours Facebook: facebook.com/travelwakatours Twitter: www.twitter.com/travelwakatours Like this: Like Loading…

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