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Itinerary and Travel Guide for 2 Weeks in Malaysia (2022 Edition)


Malaysia Itinerary Days 4-6: Cameron Highlands Book a bus ticket on 12Go.Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. There are several daily departures to choose from, and it only costs about RM35 ($8.50 USD). All the buses are really comfortable, and it’s easy to get to the stations with public transport in Kuala Lumpur! Bus time: 4 hours 45 minutes You will arrive at Tanah Rata (the main town of Cameron Highlands), check into your accommodation, and you will have the next 2 days to explore this beautiful Malaysian beauty. Highlights of the Cameron Highlands include: “Because of its elevated position, it is much cooler than the rest of Malaysia. The highlands are named after William Cameron, a British expedition leader. He discovered the site during an expedition in 1885. From that moment onwards the Cameron Highlands became interesting increasingly for the British. Owing to the ideal climate, it was very suitable for the cultivation of tea, and the Cameron Highlands soon grew to be the largest tea region in Malaysia.” While there are so many amazing things to do in the area, the highlight is a full-day tour! There are a lot of stops on each tour, so just stop by and talk to a travel agent about which tour would suit you the most. I definitely recommend booking a tour like Cameron Highlands with Mossie Forest Day Tour! You can book online, but there are also dozens of travel agents along the main street of Tanah Rata that you can use. They’ll provide hotel pickup, a local guide, and you’ll learn all about the area. Hiking through tea plantations! There are so many great hiking trails that run through the farms! Check out this article for 5 Best Hiking Trails in Cameron Highlands for more information! Walking/Shopping in Tanah Rata! Although it’s not the largest area, it’s a fun town with some decent shopping and great food! Seriously, some of the local street food restaurants were incredible! Malaysia is top notch for fans of Asian cuisine, so definitely indulge! Rent a moto for some self-guided exploration! If you’re not one to book day trips with guides, you can rent a scooter and explore the area at your own pace! Just make sure you have decent travel insurance to cover you in the rare event that you get into an accident!

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