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How TravelPerk can save money on team events


However your team is doing their best work, whether it’s fully remote, co-ed, or in real life (IRL) 5 days a week, one thing is for sure: companies are throwing more face-to-face events than ever before. In fact, in a recent survey, 83% of travel directors and directors said they plan more IRL events than in the past 12 months. But as any experienced event manager knows, organizing a great team event is no easy task. It usually includes a never-ending to-do list: finding dates that work for everyone to maximize attendance; unique site selection; Organizing travel and accommodation so everyone gets to one place, and choosing exciting activities to keep everyone engaged. All while trying to stay within budget! With companies becoming more cost-conscious, how can you organize a successful group event without frustrating your CFO? Whether you’re arranging an upcoming team-building event or company-wide retreat, TravelPerk can help you save money on travel and accommodations while also reducing your company’s running costs. Here’s how: 5 Ways TravelPerk Can Save Money on Team Events 1. Exclusive corporate discounts and the largest travel inventory If you’re booking business trips on websites designed for consumer travel or through a traditional travel agent, you’re probably paying a lot more than you need to. TravelPerk integrates directly with many travel providers such as airlines, hotels, trains, and car rental companies so you can book everything from one place. We use the combined purchasing power of our large customer base to bring you exclusive rates and discounts that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, if you regularly use a particular hotel chain, we are also happy to negotiate special discounts for you. Our customers save an average of 20% on business trips when they book with us. 2. Track spending on events in real time, no matter how big or small your team’s events are, it’s very easy to overspend your budget; Especially if you book travel and accommodation on multiple websites and need to keep track of invoices and receipts manually. In most cases, overspending occurs because you are always chasing costs incurred retrospectively, rather than seeing what is being spent in real time. With TravelPerk, you can apply different labels to your company’s events and then track your costs in real time with our sophisticated reporting tools. You can also dig deeper into costs per event in one simple, easy-to-use report. Your finance team can also filter reports by date, type of travel, team, refundable VAT, and more. See how it works below. 3. Integrated travel policies so everyone stays on budget. Another way companies save money planning their team get-togethers is through customized travel policies baked into the TravelPerk platform. You can set up travel policies in our tool in minutes and apply the rules to different teams, meaning employees are empowered to book their own flights while safe in the knowledge that they’re not overspending the company’s budget. If an employee attempts to book an out-of-policy flight or hotel, they will be flagged through our booking tool. Plus, with the freedom to create custom trip approvals, you’ll have complete peace of mind that you’re maximizing travel policy compliance while staying efficient on budget. A win, a win for everyone. 4. Plan, organize and share your event details from a single platform At TravelPerk, we’re always listening to customer feedback and looking for innovative ways to make our customers’ lives easier. When it comes to organizing travel and lodging for team events, most companies don’t use specialized collaboration tools, mostly relying on email, the Outlook calendar, and Microsoft Excel to coordinate team get-togethers. Juggling several different travel organizing platforms for your corporate event can cause a lot of hassle, extra stress, and manual organization for your employees. With TravelPerk Events, you can invite participants, organize attendees, communicate about plans, as well as book and manage travel all from the same platform. (Gone are the days when you had 25+ tabs open on your internet browser…) Once employees accept an event invitation, event managers and attendees can see their colleagues’ travel and hotel reservations and communicate updates from one single tool. What used to take hours, numerous emails back and forth, and multiple different spreadsheets to keep track of everything now takes just a few minutes. With TravelPerk Events you can save your team time and money. 5. We have your back if plans need to change. If there’s one sure thing when it comes to planning events, it’s that you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes travel plans have to change, employees get sick or the sales conference you were planning to go to with your team gets cancelled. Sometimes last minute changes are inevitable. With FlexiPerk, you are covered for any eventuality. For a small fee, you can add FlexiPerk to your booking, and if you need to, you’re free to cancel two hours before departure and get at least 80% of the cost of your flight back. There are no questions. Now that’s peace of mind.

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