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How to apply for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria


If you are visiting Rwanda, you may have to apply for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria. Although Rwanda is on the list of countries that Nigerians can visit with the option of visa on arrival as well. An application for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria can be submitted online (e-visa) or at the port of entry (on arrival) in Rwanda. However, you need to prepare all the necessary documents to apply for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria. This article will show you simplified steps to apply for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria. Need help with a Rwanda visa in Nigeria? If you need assistance with a Rwanda visa in Nigeria. Please Contact Contact Travelwaka www.travelwaka.com/contact-us/Email: tour@travelwaka.com Facebook – www.facebook.com/travelwakatours Instagram – www.instagram.com/travelwaka_tours Twitter – www.twitter.com/travelwakatours Top reasons to explore Rwanda It is located in Central Africa and shares borders with Southeast Africa and the African Great Lakes region. Rwanda proves to be a great place to live and travel around at any time of the year. These are some of the reasons you might consider before visiting Rwanda. Your best options in Rwanda include; Tourism in Rwanda is known as the land of the outstanding hill. Also, Rwanda has stunning scenery in almost all areas. Moreover, the tour to Rwanda is an opportunity to experience the amazing biodiversity, with an amazing adventure in the wilderness. Another highlight is the landscape, mountainous and hilly areas as well as forests and diverse plant life. Culture Rwanda is well known for its cultural heritage, history and way of life of its citizens. It is also reflected in the hospitality of the residents and the friendly neighborhood. Weather Rwanda has a tropical climate due to its terrain extending from east to west. Climatic conditions extend across all regions: the eastern plains, the central plateau, the highlands, and the areas around Lake Kivu. Safety and security Rwanda is ranked the 9th safest country in the world according to the Peace Index and the safest country in Africa by the World Economic Forum. There are lower crime rates and the opportunity to experience tourism differently in Rwanda. Also, you can visit all cities in Rwanda and be sure that you are safe. Multilingual Exposure Mainly three different languages ​​are spoken in Rwanda. they are; French, English and Swahili. Also, you have the chance to explore different languages ​​and learn more about the history behind them. A clean environment Rwanda is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. Less pollution and hazards have been recorded due to the culture of indiscriminate waste dumping. Moreover, the cool air and freshness are subdued and one of the best so far. Stunning Tourist Destinations in Rwanda One of the beautiful sights to visit in Rwanda is; Virunga Mountains Kigali Genocide Monument Native Handicrafts Kigali Nyungwe Forest National Volcanoes National Park Musans Caves Lake Ruhengeri Safari lodge Beach and safaris Lake Kibuye Beaches and Kivu Gishwati-Mukura Mausoleum Gisenyi Cyangugu Lake Kibihusa Museum Gorillas History Safari When to Apply for a Rwanda Visa The best time to apply for a Rwanda visa is at least 14 days before your trip. It is important because the approval or rejection decisions are made by immigration officials. Rwanda Visa Requirements The main requirements for obtaining a Rwanda e-Visa are; • Submitting the application form online and • Paying the visa fee As a prerequisite to applying for a visa to Rwanda, you must visit the immigration website and complete the form. Then, you will pay the visa fee online and wait for the visa approval. These requirements include submitting a variety of documents and other items in support of your visa application. These items should be on hand when filling out the online form. Cost of Rwanda Visa in Nigeria The Rwanda Tourist Visa costs $50 while the East African Tourist Visa costs $100. Also, the Rwanda business visa costs $30 and $50 respectively. Available Rwanda Visa Categories for Nigerians Determining your visa category is vital. This will help you get every process right and make your order easier and more direct. Therefore, the types of Rwanda visas available are; Rwanda e-Visa in Nigeria, Rwanda e-Visa is a single or multiple-entry tourist visa valid for 30 days. You can apply online and only once. Moreover, you can tour Rwanda more than once in 30 days if you have a multiple-entry tourist visa. East African Tourist Visa in Nigeria The East African Tourist Visa (EATV) covers Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda and is valid for 90 days. Rwanda Transit Visa A Rwanda transit visa can be obtained when you want to stay for a short time in Rwanda while visiting another country. After that, you can check out after three days before traveling to the next location. Rwanda Work Visa Rwanda Work Visa is for multiple entry to Rwanda for business purposes. It applies to you as a business owner or researcher. Also, it is essential for intended training or short term business deal etc. A work visa in Rwanda is valid for 30 days for a single entry visa or 365 days for a multiple entry visa. Rwanda Visa Validity The Rwanda visa validity ranges from 30 days to 90 days. However, the transit or stopover visa is valid for 3 days. Although it is ideal that you understand the importance of maintaining the term given to you. This is so that you do not face legal action for overstaying in Rwanda. Routes of Entry into Rwanda from Nigeria Illegal entry into Rwanda is prohibited. First, you will need to show your passport with the visa attached at the entry border. Moreover, this is a way to examine crime, illegal immigrants, and many more. Kigali International Airport in Rwanda also checks for illegal possessions and fake applications. Therefore, entry into Rwanda from Nigeria can be by land or air. Whichever the path, there are major legal entry borders in the country. Main Documents Required to Apply for a Rwanda Visa International Passport First, when applying for a Rwanda visa in Nigeria, you need a valid Nigerian passport to apply for a Rwanda visa. Also, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months before submitting your application. It must have an expiration date of more than 6 months. To add to this, there must be blank spaces in your passport for visa stamping as well. Recent passport photo The passport photo should be recent with high quality light and required size. A valid email address with contact information A functional email address and other contact details where information can be passed through. The approved Rwanda e-Visa for Nigerians will be emailed to the email address provided by the applicants when filling out the e-Visa application form. Credit or debit card To make an online payment, you need a debit or credit card. Thus, all you have to do is enter your card details and make the payment with ease. Platforms like Pay Pal are also welcome for payment. Medical Certificate Another requirement for obtaining a Rwanda visa in Nigeria is a medical certificate. Evidence that you are medically fit, duly signed and sent from an approved government institution. This may be the yellow fever vaccine or other related immunizations. Letter of Invitation Once you receive an invitation from your host, you are required to submit a letter. This letter will detail the exact details of your visit to Rwanda. Statement of Motivation and Travel Plan This is a list of all travel plans, itineraries and records for further use. So you should include everything you want to do in Rwanda and your date of departure. Accommodation details This comes in the form of a hotel reservation or accommodation with a relative or host. In addition, you need to give the address and the relationship with the host. How to Apply for a Rwanda Visa in Nigeria An application for a Rwanda visa from Nigeria can be submitted in two ways; Online Application for a Rwanda Visa in Nigeria An online application for a Rwanda visa will likely be issued to you online. This is available in a document format that you can download yourself. The steps to apply for this e-Visa are easy and quick. It also saves the stress and potential disappointment of entering Rwanda. On Arrival Nigeria is on the list of countries that can get a Rwanda Visa on Arrival. Although it is not the same as an e-Visa, you can also apply online. After that, you will pay for the visa at the border or upon entry into Rwanda. Besides, you can do both o at entry limits; Application and payment. Step by Step Guide to Applying for a Rwanda Visa Step 1: Visit the Rwanda Immigration website Step 2: Complete the application form with appropriate details Step 3: Payment should follow Less through debit or credit card In addition to the above, your visa fee is non-refundable . Therefore, you must ensure that you pay the correct fee with a valid payment card. Also, you should follow the instructions given online regarding payment and selecting the type of visa. Step 4: Wait three to five working days for a decision. For further processing of your visa application, you have to wait for the decision of the Immigration Office. Step 5: Obtaining a Rwanda e-Visa through your email address An error-free e-Visa is usually sent via email that you can download and print. Then, you present this visa at the embassy upon your arrival. Important Points to Consider When Applying for an Error-Free Rwanda Visa All applications must be error-free, accurate and straightforward. In addition, you must write your name and submit original documents as well. Select your visa including pre-application All premium visa types must be selected correctly. This is relevant at all levels of the application. Don’t fake False information, including documents, should be avoided. You must prove that all the details you provide online are correct and have backup copies or evidence. It is not allowed to apply with different passports.This shows that if you have a different passport, you are only using one in applying for a Rwanda visa. In addition, your visa is sent as an attachment to your passport identification number. All required documents must be arranged. The required documents should be carefully arranged and uploaded online. All information submitted must follow the guidelines and it is advised that you read all instructions before applying. This will enable you to know what documents must be submitted and what you are not expected to do. The visa fee is non-refundable. You cannot refund the visa fee once paid. Therefore, pay with a valid credit or debit card or a national bank account. Immediate application is highly recommended. Apply before your travel date Apply as soon as you get information about travel plans Print relevant receipts or proof of payment Stamp Whatever type of visa you need to tour Rwanda, it can be processed by legitimate travel agencies for a fee. Moreover, hiring the service of a travel agency will make your application easy and less burdensome. However, your visa is not there just to guarantee you entry to Rwanda, you need to prove that you deserve it. This mainly happens at the border when you enter the country. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Rwanda Visa in Nigeria. Feel free to leave a message. Do you need a reputable agency to assist in obtaining a Rwanda Visa in Nigeria? If you need assistance with your Rwanda Visa in Nigeria. Please Contact Contact Travelwakawww.travelwaka.com/contact-us/Email: tour@travelwaka.com Facebook – www.facebook.com/travelwakatours Instagram – www.instagram.com/travelwaka_tours Like this: Like Loading…

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