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How does Ultimate Adventure stack up in Southeast Asia?


Starting destination: Bangkok Dates: January 9-16 Tasty food: Khao Soi (coconut noodle soup) Most enchanting scenery: Biking through the towering towers of Ayutthaya It’s a very cheap and very fast ride from Krabi to Bangkok. Which is also a good thing, since we have another adventure to embark on. Although if you’re tired after your trip (and probably all the Full Moon parties), fret not: Your first day is all about hanging by the pool and exploring DIY (with the guidance of your expert trip director, of course). Then it’s time to wander through gilded palaces, sleep in a hotel built of floating rafts, chase waterfalls, cycle to temples, and learn new things, from Pad Thai cooking to Muay Thai fighting. Because the only thing better than exploring the energetic north of Thailand is doing it with Kontiqi. why? Because you can focus on the waterfalls and spicy soup, while we carefully select great accommodations, delicious restaurants, and unique experiences every step of the way. See, we get it. It is impossible not to fall in love with Pai or Chiang Mai. Which is why we’ve given you a few extra days to explore, feast on, and repeat to your heart’s content. (Here’s a handy guide if you’re stuck doing stuff, but trust us, you won’t be.)

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