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How an eDreams Prime subscription can save you money while traveling in 2023


Sponsored by eDreams Prime last year, we’ve reintroduced international travel into our lives, 2023 and hope to amplify that even more. We set out to check this goal out in the first week of January with a four-day vacation on the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas. At the top of our list for international travel in 2023: Paris, Italy, Ireland, the Greek Islands and German Christmas Markets! Now the girls are in school, we don’t have as much flexibility and we have to be more diligent in our planning. This includes finding as many deals and discounts as possible to reduce the high cost of international travel as a family of four. We’ll share with you any hacks, products or services we discover during our planning situation to make travel more accessible and affordable. Let’s start with the eDreams Prime Membership and semi-annual eDreams Prime Day Membership and how they can help you save money with discount flights across multiple airlines and deals on epic places to stay around the world. The Way of the Future: The travel subscription model is ready to save you money while traveling! I’m sure we all understand the benefits of subscription services that make our lives easier, and often cheaper. Subscriptions don’t have to start and end on the couch with Netflix and Spotify. It can extend to the travel space as well. Now more than ever, people want quality at an affordable price. Travel consumers in 2023 have plenty of choices. A signup form can help you secure that, in a set and forget kind of way – without forgetting about it! Travel discounts and offers are even more important because of the uncertainty seen so far in the 20’s! Using eDreams Prime could be one way you can proactively secure some deals and save money on your next trip abroad. After researching the company and its location, and finding legitimate savings, we decided it would be worth sharing with you as a helpful resource for saving money on travel. What is eDreams Prime? eDreams is an online travel agency that offers flight tickets and accommodation, as well as packages, cruises, car rentals, and insurance. It works like other online flight booking sites, including the ability to set price alert updates and choose the discovery’s fun search suggestion “Make it a surprise and take me anywhere!!” They also offer an annual subscription called eDreams Prime, where you can find more discounts on flights and hotel rooms. (See more here) Are cyber dreams legit? Of course. eDreams Prime is the world’s largest travel subscription program, having surpassed 2 million members since its launch in 2017. It is part of the eDreams ODIGEO brand, which was founded in 1999 and is one of the largest online travel companies in the world. It is based in Barcelona, ​​and currently serves 18 million customers in 46 countries around the world. They have the long-lasting and trustworthy reputation you need to travel in 2023. What is eDreams Prime Day? eDreams Prime Day is a bi-annual event that usually lasts for three days, where you can get exclusive deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals on the platform. Over 300,000 users have taken part in the latest Prime Day: 3 days of amazing deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. Whether or not you’re an eDreams Prime member, take advantage of special offers offered by the world’s largest online travel subscription program. When is the next peak day? The fifth edition of eDreams Prime Day 2023 will take place from January 31st to February 2nd, 2023. But if you download the eDreams app, you will exclusively enjoy these additional discounts from one day before January 30th. eDreams Prime Day is held several times a year. The dates may change slightly with each edition. To be informed and follow, subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of all the news. Need Prime for eDreams Prime Day? You must be an eDreams Prime member to get the deals. But not necessarily in advance. During a Prime Day event, after you find a deal you want to buy, simply add your Prime subscription at checkout. You will then immediately benefit from Prime Day deals. Is everything discounted on eDreams Prime Day? eDreams Prime Day offers different and special offers and deals for each edition. During this fifth edition, you’ll find most airfares at up to 60% off, as well as special accommodation and car rental deals. What are the best eDreams Prime Day flight deals? This year, eDreams Prime Day is bringing you airline deals of up to 60% off. When Prime Day rolls around, check your departure and destination airports on the eDreams network and find flights selected at a discount. Which airlines are included in the eDreams Prime Day deals? In the 5th edition of eDreams Prime Day, you can find special deals for Turkish Airlines, Air Malta, Pegasus and more airlines offering up to 60% discount. Is car rental included in eDreams Prime Day? yes. The fifth edition of eDreams Prime Day includes car rental deals. How long does eDreams Prime Day last? The Prime Day event lasts for three days, from January 31 to February 2, 2023. It occurs several times a year and the dates can change according to the season. Download the eDreams app to grab deals a day before everyone else, starting January 30th. Why is it called eDreams Prime Day? eDreams Prime Day is one of the most special days to book a flight, hotel and car rental at the best deals. eDreams Prime Day is named after the largest travel subscription program, eDreams Prime. eDreams Prime Day is a bi-annual event with additional discounted offers on flights, hotels and car rentals available to eDreams Prime members. How much does eDreams Prime membership cost? The eDreams Prime annual subscription costs $59.99 and this entitles you to discounts on all flight tickets booked through their website, including up to 50% off accommodation. 2023 is the year of customer service! Your eDreams Prime membership gives you access to 24/7 customer service. 30-Day Free Trial There is also a 30-day free trial for all new customers so you can try it out before paying for the year. Once you book flights and get your base discount, your 30 day free trial will start. Simply cancel before the 30 days are up if you don’t feel it will save you money on future trips. Otherwise, your trial will automatically upgrade to a paid membership at the end of 30 days ($59.99 annually) eDreams Prime Membership Benefits A quick breakdown of the benefits for you: 100% discounts on flights Up to 50% off accommodation Same discounts for everyone who travels with you (up to 9 people) cheapest car rental in the USA. 24/7 customer service hotline. discounts. “Prime Day”: Special offers and discounts (twice a year) How much can you save with eDreams Prime? With an eDreams Prime subscription, the more you travel, the more you save. Specific savings depend on the cost of the total booking, but you’ll save 100% on your bookings. Here are some major average savings per trip: $0 – $199: $25 – $599: $45 $300 – $499: $55 I’ve done some research on return flights from Raleigh to a couple of destinations we want to fly to in 2023 during the busy summer period (June). The eDreams Prime savings were: San Juan, Puerto Rico: $112.21 per person Paris: $120 per person Raleigh to London: $120 per person So for our family of four we save about $480 on our flights. Check multiple variations of your flight options to find the best deal, such as day of the week, flight time, and alternate airports. All prices and savings fluctuate based on many variables. Remember, if you are traveling with more than one person, the membership covers the discount for all those traveling with you. For group travel, this can result in significant savings. Plus, you’re likely to be a lot more than that once you book flights and become a member. Since I haven’t booked flights yet, I don’t have access to the subscription free trial. I can’t see any prices for their accommodation deals. But doing a quick search through a hotel booking portal, I can see an apartment in Paris for 4 nights in March would cost me about $1200. This sounds very reasonable, so the extra savings on that cost once you join the subscription service will be a huge bonus and well worth the membership. I’m glad I took the time to research eDreams and look at potential pricing for upcoming travel in 2023. Prices weren’t as high as I expected so it seems more doable and if I can work my way up to more deals I’ll be a happy traveler abroad . Now you can see the savings you can make, buy your subscription to eDreams Prime, be sure to bookmark the website and check it every time you plan or book a flight. Don’t get too caught up in life and forget that you can access these amazing deals. 3 steps to get started Choose your trip Add an eDreams Prime subscription at checkout Complete your reservation When you add Prime to your reservation, the discount will be applied automatically. Once you have completed your reservation, you will become a member for 12 months. (Remember you have the 30 day free trial buffer to cancel if you find out it’s not right for you) I love how you add membership once you find your flights. This is not a lost subscription cost then. You sign up as soon as you find the discounted deal. You instantly know the value of having a Prime membership, even without counting the extra savings through hotels and Prime Day deals. As I’ve shown you, you can almost refund the cost of your eDreams Prime membership with one trip – in some cases it will. Start here. Why should you choose the eDreams Prime subscription? If you want to save money while traveling, eDreams Prime subscription is perfect for you. It is more ideal for frequent travelers. It’s also great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time searching through multiple booking sites and running endless numbers just to save an extra $20. If you want a place where you can show up, book at discounts with a subscription you trust and know, this could be for you. Use our 30-day free trial to do serious research to see how important it is to you in the long run to get consistent travel deals and discounts. While solo travelers will find many benefits, it is best for those traveling as a family or group, as the discount applies to all members on the reservation (up to 9 people) Solo travelers must get a refund of about 2 people for short can transfer trips, and those in A group of four or more can confidently expect to return on a single trip. It’s perfect for frequent travelers, but you can also make savings with those once-in-a-lifetime trips, too. Pin to share/save.

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