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Over the past decade down the road, home management has become a staple of our travel lives, truly immersing ourselves in an area and living like the locals – on less than $20 a day. Staying in someone’s home for two weeks or months not only saves in housing, meals, and transportation, but gives unparalleled access to a new place. The homeowners have welcomed us into their worlds – introducing us to their friends, lending us their favorite things, and sharing their secrets about the area. With our 24 years of experience with homes in 7 countries, we’ve put together our best home arrangement tips in this article to help you try one of our favorite ways to travel and get free lodging around the world. Join the Best Home Service Sites To gauge the types of homes available across different membership sites, start by checking out HousesitSearch.com. This search engine allows you to browse all the different websites without the need to be a member. When you find a few sites you like, sign up for their newsletter – it’s a great way to learn about the community and keep up with the hundreds of opportunities that are released every day. To apply to a home, you must be a member of that community; We recommend membership in one international site and one country specific. Global Websites: Find amazing opportunities around the world on these prime home websites. TrustedHouseitters.com This is by far the most powerful hiking website, listing thousands of homes in over 100 countries. It’s also the most competitive and most expensive annual membership fee of $169 (although well worth it if you plan to sit more than twice a year). Pro tip: Search for your preferred countries and dates, then set up alerts with Saved Search to receive emails when options become available. HouseCarers.com This is an OG home service website (established 2000) that’s a great way to get into the international home scene for just a $50 annual membership. Nomador.com This France-based site is particularly useful for sitting in Europe and captures the spirit of the housekeeping community. Sign up for their free surfing newsletter and if you see something you like, try their three-month membership for $42. Country-Specific Locations: If you have a specific country in mind, check if there is a dedicated site, like the ones below, to increase your odds of finding a spot in that place. These tiny home sites tend to be less competitive, even to the point that homeowners will reach for babysitters with a solid look. Annual memberships range from $20 to $99, and some opportunities pay sitters. Create a compelling home user profile Talk to your home and pet care experience (even if it’s your own), while showing that you are trustworthy, respectful, caring and responsible. Including a video introduction (this will really set you apart, trust us!), references, and a police check will make you a more desirable candidate. Application process When applying to a homeowner’s publication with a personal note, establish why you would be the best possible candidate – find ways to connect with them and their pets. Show them that you are trustworthy and you will make this easy for them. Close your message by saying that you would love to meet her via Zoom; A video call will be the easiest for everyone to make sure they fit right in (plus you’ll get a better look at the space and pets.) Check in regularly and apply often, home sitting is a fast-growing trend in travel, which means more competition. Stay up-to-date with new listings via our home location newsletters and alert systems, and then apply them quickly and thoughtfully. Homeowners: Get free housekeepers for your pets If you’re a pet owner and love to travel, don’t put your animals in a shelter or pay a teen to feed them. The home care community is full of true pet lovers who will take care of any animal (dogs, cats, horses, goats, llamas, turtles…whatever you have!) and house like theirs. Trusted Housesitters have the most vetted community of free babysitters. Don’t be surprised (or drown) if you get dozens of apps, just scroll for the most thoughtful notes and best references, then schedule a zoom with your three favorite candidates to find the perfect fit. HoneyTrek Home Sitting Tips and Experiences To find out what a home really looks like, read our blog about our experiences in Mazatlan, Mexico, these challenging and rewarding beach homes in Roatan, Honduras or see our Facebook albums of villa homes in Croatia or our farmhouse in Portugal. For more home care tips. More Travel Hacking Tips and Resources Travel Skills 101 page for more tips on accommodations, flights, and immersive travel experiences. And for our best travel hacks, ways to get to local places, and our favorite destinations around the world, check out National Geographic’s Couples Travel Book, Ultimate Journeys for Two.

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