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Head of Tourism Leads a Filipino Band to World Travel Mart and Brings Listening Tours to Philcom UK


Team Out of Town Blog Hub (Outoftownblog.com) – London, UK – Tourism Minister Cristina Garcia Frasco on Saturday (November 4 – London time) engaged in a fruitful dialogue with around 60 representatives of the Filipino community during Kapihan sa Pasuguan. The Filcom Members Dialogue with Minister Frasco was jointly organized by the Embassy of the Philippines in London and the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) on the sidelines of the World Travel Market (WTM) in London, where the Minister of Tourism will lead the Filipino Tourism Players team, the Head of Tourism leading the Filipino squad to World Travel Mart, brings listening tours of FILCOM UK Attendees, who come from various FILCOM organisations, associations and sectors including the academic, healthcare, conference, real estate, travel and tours, among others, have been given the opportunity to share their insights regarding travel and tourism with Minister Frasco. d of the discussions are Filcom members’ calls for the resumption of direct flights between Manila and London, ensuring sustainability and security in Philippine destinations, and the need to address current issues and imminent threats to tourists such as the following: difficulties in complying with admission requirements; Need clean toilets. tricks. Minister Frasco thanked the members of Felcom for all their input during the Forum and their contributions to maintaining a strong presence of the Philippines in London and the UK, and also confirmed that the Ministry of Transport would consider their suggestions at the upcoming Forum. Plans and Programs In terms of inviting attendees for the resumption of direct flights between Manila and London, the Minister of Tourism shared an update on the ongoing DOT efforts to coordinate and advocate with airlines including Philippine Airlines (PAL). Minister Frasco said, noting some positive results of the Ministry of Transport’s engagement with PAL, including the escalation of airline flights from Bangkok to Cebu, and from Baguio to Cebu starting in December. Due to the increasing number of reports of scams against tourists, Minister Frasco has given the Filipino community in London an overview of the Tourist Assistance Call Center that the Department of Transport will soon launch in order to address the concerns of tourists as they travel around the Philippines. “We take these matters very seriously. That is why we will fully cooperate with the Ministry of Justice in terms of ensuring full prosecution to the fullest extent of the law of those individuals and groups who engage in fraud against tourists, whether Filipinos or foreigners,” emphasized the Minister of Tourism, aware of the difficulties he faces Travelers on access and completion of the One Health Card, Minister Frasco also briefed the audience on the Philippine government’s introduction of the simpler and more convenient eARRIVAL card to replace the new personal identity card.Frasco noted, that it is the product of the Department of Transportation’s proactive efforts to converge with relevant national government agencies to increase convenience Travel to the Philippines and convey the country’s openness to tourists and investments. Was with One Health Pass before boarding the plane. “We expect that this will provide great convenience to our tourists,” Minister Frasco said. The head of the Department of Transportation also provided updates on the executive orders signed by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. which makes mask-wearing optional for indoor and outdoor settings and removes RT- pre-departure PCR requirements for Filipino and foreign travelers who travel On the side of maintaining tourist security, the Minister of Tourism shared the commitment of the Ministry of Tourism to continue and expand the Tourist Oriented Police for Order and Community Protection (TOPCOP) program with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Ministry of National Defense (DND). “The government’s primary effort is to build confidence in our country. The Minister of Tourism explained that this trust is built on solid foundations to ensure programs that will impart a certain level of security to tourists who come to the Philippines. Minister Cristina Garcia Frasco revealed that the DOT is also coordinating with DILG to explore the removal of any entry restrictions imposed individually by Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Philippines. “We are currently working with the Home Office and local government for the purposes of ensuring that any and all restrictions implemented by local government units individually are lifted nationwide so that we have a national policy regarding tourist entry. The national policy is to welcome our friends and family once in a while,” said Minister Frasco. other in the Philippines. Efforts to build confidence in the Philippines continue. We do this by conveying all the good and the good about the Philippines. The warmth of the Filipino people, the talents of those working inside and outside the Philippines, the products we offer as well as the beauty of our destinations. It is an ongoing effort. The head of tourism added that there are measures we are taking to make sure that our citizens and tourists feel that the government is there to improve the current situation of the Philippines. And Pinterest if you want more travel and tech updates.

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