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Best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan


Discover the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan, along with the best time to see them, cherry blossom festivals are one of the most beloved cultural traditions in Japan. Every year, during the Spring Festival season, visitors come from all over the world to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. Within days of the flowers opening, Instagram is overflowing with stunning photos and videos of the many cherry trees in Japan. Best time to see cherry blossoms in Japan Because cherry blossoms depend on the weather, the exact time of cherry blossoms varies from year to year. Every spring, travelers await the blossoming of sakura (cherry) trees, and take to the countryside to see this unforgettable sight. Most of the festivals take place between March and May, and it’s a great place to enjoy more than just the cherry blossoms. Most festivals feature live music, food, craft stalls, and tea ceremonies under the flowers. To get a rough estimate of when cherry blossoms will begin, take a look at the dates of the past five festivals, and find the average for that to estimate the time Cherry blossoms are a symbol of renewal, hope, and the advent of spring. Once you have your visa for Japan, follow our tips for the best cities to see cherry blossoms. While you can see beautiful blossoms in many parks and even along boulevards, many cities and small towns are especially famous for their cherry blossoms. For the most part, festivals are held in these cities that coincide with the blossoming of cherry trees. Would you like to take part in the festivities? Here are our picks for the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan, along with the best cherry blossom festivals and places to see in the sakura season. Yoshino, Kansai Yoshino is known as the cherry blossom capital of Japan. The small town of Yoshino is very busy during the cherry blossom season. Since it attracts thousands of visitors, and there are a limited number of places to stay, accommodations are generally booked well in advance, and fortunately, it is possible to visit Yoshino Flowers on a day trip from Nara or even Osaka. Yoshino is usually visited from mid-April to early May every year. Check the cherry blossom forecast for more exact dates. While it is very popular, the park also covers a large area of ​​over 50 hectares, which keeps it from feeling crowded. The castle here, Hirosaki Castle, is one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions, but all that remains of the castle these days is a 200-year-old preserve. The park itself is crisscrossed by the moats of the historic castle with cherry trees flanking the moats, along with beautiful arched bridges. The walkways are often lined with a variety of flowers, including tulips and iris, making the walk more than memorable. There are over 2,500 cherry trees in Hirosaki, which makes the cherry blossom experience completely immersive. In Fuji Yoshida, a city at the base of Mount Fuji, with nearly 700 sakura trees. As you can imagine the pictures in the Fuji Five Lakes are magnificent, with Mount Fuji in the background, and Chorito Temple in the foreground. Probably a photo you’ve seen a lot and includes 3 things Japan is famous for in one photo, the best time to see cherry blossoms in Fuji Five Lakes is generally from late March to early May. The history goes back to the 700s. Once an imperial city in Japan, the architecture and general atmosphere of this culture-rich city reflect its origins, Kyoto has so many great places to see cherry blossoms, making it hard to pick just one, Maruyama Koen (Maruyama Garden) may just be the best place to see Cherry blossoms in Kyoto. You’ll find the wonderful Gion Shidare-zakura (in English, “Weeping Cherry of Gion) in the middle of the park. The tree is over 10 meters (32 feet) high and is lit at night. The neighboring Shirakawa Canal is lined with cherry trees and is also lit at night, while the weeping cherries in Gion are stunning, there are nearly 700 other cherry trees in full bloom in the garden, making it a great place to see them in person. Tokyo is home to thousands of cherry trees that attract thousands of tourists. The flowers usually last for two weeks. Tokyo’s Yoyogi-kōen (Yyogi Park in English) is a vibrant and fun place to enjoy the cherry blossoms. It’s a huge, sprawling area in the heart of downtown Tokyo. During cherry blossom season, it is packed with people who stroll under the flowers. If photos and videos are your priority, visit the amazingly picturesque Shinjuku-gyoen. Nakamiguro is the best neighborhood in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing, with many cherry tree-lined streets. One of Japan’s most beautiful cities, and that says a lot in a country known for its charm, it’s an excellent option to visit if you can’t visit Japan until later in the cherry blossom season, as the cherry trees bloom here much later than others. Parts of Japan: For the most part, the best time to view cherry blossoms in Osaka is the third week of March. The flowers hit full bloom (known as mankai in Japanese) around April 1, and Osaka Castle and the surrounding park are a great place to see the cherry blossoms. The castle itself is an amazing piece of medieval Japanese architecture that takes good pictures against the bright pink or white cherry blossoms. The area is best known for Himeji Castle, Kansai. Himeji Castle is located just four hours west of Tokyo by train, making it easily accessible for most visitors. The castle only reopened to visitors in 2015, but it quickly became popular with tourists and locals alike. Free zones in Senhimebotanen Park (Sannomaru lands) and paid zones in Nishnomaru lands, Matsumai Park, HokkaidoHokkaido is the northernmost island in Japan, home to Japan’s northernmost castle in Matsumai Park. There are more than 10,000 trees here, with 250 species of flowers. Due to the many varieties that bloom at different times, Matsumae Garden has a long viewing season until late April, the castle is lit at night, making it a magical sight, Matsumae Garden is located within walking distance from the city center, making it easy to reach Articles You’ll Enjoy Do you have any places where you would like to see cherry blossoms in Japan? Tell us in the comments below!

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