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6 of the best ways to redeem your Bilt Rewards points for maximum value


Editor’s Note: TPG Founder Brian Kelly is an advisor and investor at BILT.Belt Rewards was named an award-winning newcomer to the world of travel rewards, but its points have already become one of our favorite currencies to collect — they even won two TPG Awards in 2022. A very interesting selection of conversion partners – including some competing transferable points programs (such as Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards) that you just couldn’t catch. Rent without fees. By doing this, you can easily get more than 20,000 points per year that you otherwise would not have earned. Plus, you can earn points when you spend on a Bilt Mastercard® with no annual fee. Just note that you’ll have to make five transactions per month to earn points, but what do you have to do with your Bilt Rewards points? Let’s take a look at six ways to maximize your Belt Rewards for your upcoming flights: Book domestic Economy Class flights on American Airlines for as little as 6,000 BILT Points, and convert to AAdvantage for a great deal on domestic flights. American Airlines publishes an award price called “Web Specials”. These are usually deeply discounted prices for random routes that can often be found for 6,000 miles. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you have a good chance of finding that special web rate from your home airport to your destination for between 6,000 and 9,000 miles. Below is a random search from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) to Hollywood-Burbank Airport (BUR) – an intercontinental flight for only 6,000 American Airlines miles. But if free travel is your goal, web specials are a great way to make local hops for less out of pocket. You can read more about such deals in our complete guide to the US Web Awards special. WALTER BIBIKOW/GETTY IMAGES When you convert Bilt Points to Aer Lingus (the Irish airline), you can fly to both Dublin and Shannon for as little as 13,000 points each way on the following routes: Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) to Dublin Airport (DUB) and Shannon Airport (SNN). From O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to DUB, and from Bradley International Airport (BDL) to DUB.Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) to JFK International Airport (JFK) to DUB Airport and SNN Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to Dulles International Airport (IAD) to DUB. Airlines charge more than twice that amount to get into Europe – but note that Aer Lingus only passes enough taxes and fees to cause alarm. Expect to pay $200 or more round trip.AVIOS.COM To get these low fares, you’ll have to travel during off-peak times (you can click here to view the Aer Lingus awards calendar). Otherwise, you’ll pay 20,000 points each way. To learn more about this trick, read our complete guide to using Avios to travel to Ireland. Indianapolis Place / Fishers. HYATTO One of the best uses of Bilt Points is transferring them to Hyatt in exchange for free nights at the hotel. The Hyatt charges as little as 3,500 points per night for modest roadside hotels during off-peak times to 45,000 points per night for five-star luxury hotels during peak travel times, and the best value often comes when booking either a low-price or hotel stay. luxury. For example, the unforgettable Hyatt Place Indianapolis/Fisher is a go-to hotel for road travelers. COSTS LESS THAN 6,500 POINTS NIGHT .HYATT.COM BUT THE SAME ROOM ON THE SAME NIGHT COSTS $295 CASH. This means that you get 4.5 cents per point by booking this room. HYATT.COMHyatt has a healthy selection of luxury properties that can earn you a similar return when you convert your Bilt Points to the hotel program. Read our guide to the Hyatt Awards for more details. Book Qsuite from Qatar before anyone else If you are not familiar with Qatar Airways Qsuite business class seats, know that they are among the best in the world. Qsuite is famous for giving travelers sitting next to each other the ability to create a double bed during the flight, and the most popular way to book Qsuite Qatar is by using American Airlines miles, as they tend to be the cheapest. However, if you transfer your Bilt Points to British Airways instead of American Airlines, you can convert your rewards to Qatar Airways Avios. Depending on which route you’re flying, it can be a little more expensive—but you’ll be able to book flights for a full month farther than American Airlines allows. This means you should have an easy time finding available prizes, for example, you can book a Qsuite on American Airlines up to 330 days in the future, but you can book those seats with Qatar Airways Avios up to 360 days in the future. COM: This should get you the first slot in bonus seats before those using other bonus coins. Note: British Airways allows you to book seats up to 355 days in the future – so you’ll have less than a week to book flights in advance using British Airways Avios, read our post on converting British Airways Avios to Qatar Airways Avios. And check out our ultimate guide to Qatar Qsuite for more information on our award-winning business class seats. Christian Kramer / The Points Gay A very cheap way to get to Europe with Belt Points is by transferring to Iberia. You can fly to Spain in a reclining Business Class seat for no less than Iberia 34,000 each way on the following routes: BOS to Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) and Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN) from . ORD to MAD.JFK to MAD and BCN. These rates only apply to off-peak times. On peak dates, you’ll pay 50,000 points each way. You can click here to view the Iberia.IBERIA.COM awards calendar Other airlines routinely charge more than 60,000 miles to fly Europe in a business class seat. Just note that Iberia will charge over $100 each way in taxes and fees, and you can read more about this trick in our guide on how to fly to Europe in business class in Iberia. To Hawaii in United Airlines Economy Class for 7,500 Belt Points Clint Henderson / The Points Turkish Airlines offers one of the best deals in air travel. For this reason, availability can be difficult to find – everyone wants to book it. Turkish Airlines is a partner of United Airlines. You can use your Turkish Airlines miles to book domestic United Airlines flights (including Hawaii flights) at the following fares: 7,500 one-way economy miles 12,500 business class return miles. To Hawaii, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding economy flights as long as you stick to United Airlines hubs as your origin airport and are flexible when you travel. Our guide for how to fly Turkish Airlines to Hawaii. Related: The Best Ways to Get to Hawaii with Points and Miles The Bottom Line Built-in rewards points are extremely versatile, and are probably the best combination of travel partners any flexible points program has to offer. TPG estimates Bilt rewards to be 1.8 cents each – but there are endless ways to get more value out of them if you put some strategy into it. See Bilt Mastercard rates and fees here.

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