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2023 Annual Leave Hack | Six two kontiki


Public Holidays – Victoria 13th March – Labor Day Notified – AFL Final (usually in October) 7th November – Melbourne Cup Public Holidays – Queensland 1st May – Labor Day 16th August – ECA Wed 2nd October – Queen’s/King’s Birthday Public Holidays – Western Australia March 6th – Labor Day June 5th – Western Australian Day September 25th – Queen/King’s Birthday Public Holidays – South Australia March 13th – Adelaide Cup Day Fun fact: December 26th is technically Proclamation Day instead of Boxing Day in South Australia Public Holidays – ACT March 13 – Canberra Day May 29 – Reconciliation Day Public Holidays – Tasmania March 13 – Eight Hours Day Certain areas of Tasmania get public holidays for show days, including the King Island Show on March 7 and the Royal Launceston Show on the 12 October and Devonport show on 1st December. (Please give us a virtual pat on the back for not taking this prime opportunity to make a cheeky joke about the many weird things that only happen in Tasmania. We love you Tassie.) Public Holidays – NT May 1 – May August 7 – Picnic Day The Northern Territory also gives certain areas additional public holidays for local parade day. In 2023 these dates are: Alice Springs on July 7th, Tennant Creek on July 14th, Katherine on July 21st, Darwin on July 28th, Porulola on August 18th.

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