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13 Amazing Music Festivals in Southeast Asia


There may not be as many music festivals in Southeast Asia as there are in other regions of the world, but that is slowly changing. With the increasing popularity of electronic music, more and more festivals are popping up in this region. You may not come to Southeast Asia for the music festivals, but if you’re planning a trip here, perhaps one of these can be included in your itinerary too. Be sure to read my guide on the 25 Best Music Festivals in Asia for more great options across the continent, 1) Wonderfruit Festival When: Mid-December Venue: Siam Country Club, Pattaya, Thailand Website: Live. the love. he wonders. This is the motto of this amazing 3-day music and arts festival that takes place at the beautiful Pattaya Fields Siam Country Club. I usually tell people to avoid Pattaya as a city because it’s a really horrible place, but this beautiful place is 15km outside of town, and you’ll fall into festival mode. The camping area is good and well equipped, the stages are amazing, and the lineup brings a little something for everyone. This is one of the best festivals that you can attend in Southeast Asia. Read the Wonderfruit Festival 2014 review for more information and photos. I was fortunate enough to attend the first year, and I definitely have plans to return. Credit: Wonderfruit Festival 2) HOZO International Music Festival When: December 8-11, 2022 Where: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam “In the daily life of Vietnamese people, music and culture are two values ​​that always complement each other and are inseparable from each other.” Hò Dô” – a long-standing performance genre in popular music – is a typical example of this parallel. “Hò” is a unique cultural value that represents beauty in the practical life and spiritual life of the Vietnamese people, and helps unite people in all regions. Starting with the inspiration from the melodies of “Hò The HOZO – “Hò Dô” International Music Festival will be a place where Vietnamese music and cultural identity reach the world, as well as an opportunity for the Vietnamese public to get closer to the world’s musical and cultural trends. 3) ZoukOut Music Festival When: Mid-December Where: Singapore “One World, One Music, One Tribe, One Dance” The people behind one of the biggest and most popular clubs in Asia, “Zouk”, composed the music for the festival, and it was one of Most popular festival in Southeast Asia. Located in Singapore, you’ll find tickets, drinks, and accommodation a little more expensive, but you can’t complain when they bring in top-notch talent, amazing stage productions, and an overall amazing atmosphere. 4) Global Super Festivals in Southeast Asia When: Various Dates Where: Bali, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore | Ultra Music Festival seems to have one goal in mind – world domination. From Miami, Croatia, Korea, Japan, and South Africa—now it looks like they’ve turned their eyes to Southeast Asia, and have added locations in four countries. They have a star-studded lineup, world-class production, and an unforgettable overall experience. Stay tuned to their website for more dates and announcements. 5) It’s the Festival of Ships When: 8-10 March 2023 Where: Singapore – Phuket – Singapore’s biggest festival at sea Once you go on a music festival cruise, I guarantee you’ll be addicted! This is truly an epic cruise on a luxury liner with an intimate audience, world-class DJs, and all the comforts of cruising. Not only can you listen to high-quality music for 3 days, but you will also be able to visit another country! It’s The Ship always puts on an amazing line-up of electronic artists, epic themed parties, and attracts a really cool international crowd. While it is definitely one of the more expensive festivals on the list, it is worth every penny! 6) Maya Music Festival When: February 2023 Where: OASIS ARENA, Rama 9, Bangkok With past line-ups including heavyweights like Tiesto, Dash Berlin and Zedd – you know this is a festival for all the big EDM festival fans in Thailand. They have hosted previous editions in Pattaya and Bangkok, and each event seems to be bigger and better than the year before. Follow the Maya Music Festival Facebook page for details on upcoming events! 7) Chipsomnia When: Early January Where: Singapore – Phuket – Langkawi – Singapore A music and arts festival that meets legendary adventure. Shipomnia, informally nicknamed “Tomorrowland At Sea” has gained a lot of positive media attention. With music festivals growing out at sea, like Holy Ship or It’s The Ship (No. 6), it looks like Shipsomnia might be the next big thing. Sailing from Singapore – Round trip from Phuket, with a quick stop in Langkawi, this sounds like a party not to be missed. This all-inclusive music festival is guaranteed to be one epic holiday. 8) Big Mountain Music Festival When: December Where: Khao Yai, Thailand One of the biggest festivals for the Thai music scene, this two-day festival is filled with amazing stages, hundreds of live performances, and a great atmosphere. No upcoming festival dates have been announced, but they do have other events, so follow Facebook for more information. 9) We’re in for Eid When: September 2023 Where: Jakarta, Indonesia Southeast Asia’s premier festival of music, arts, fashion and food! With pop, hip-hop, bass and indie giants emerging, festival organizers Ismaya Live continue to underscore We The Fest’s status as the region’s favorite festival. However, We The Fest has always prided itself on offering more than just artist performances, and this year is no different with the return of the festival’s “Beyond The Music” area. Featuring Arts Village, Ismaya Food Town’s Eats & Beats food court, Cinema Club where old and new movies will be screened, WTF Con where bettors can interact with curated brands and media partners, Carnifun Games section, ticket holders will be spoiled for choice When they want to take a break from music. 10) Djakarta Warehouse Project Credit: Narende Date: December 9-11, 2022 Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s Ultimate Festival Experience “Over the past month, fans of the Jakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) have been eagerly awaiting to find the following additions to The event’s already thriving lineup.The wait is now over and the results do not disappoint.Disclosure, one of the most iconic and genre-defining duos of the past decade, is now set to join the action in Downtown Jakarta on December 13.With a slew of hits across two albums and an enthralling live show , this performance is definitely not to be missed. Bolstering the star-studded headlines are a slew of newly announced names across the broad spectrum of dance music. Chromeo, another dynamic duo, will be bringing their funky musical sound to JIExpo Kemayoran, while the Bassjackers, Blasterjaxx and Coone They will send audiences into a bass frenzy with their intense EDM performance.” 11) Rainforest World Music Festival When: June 23-25, 2023 Where: Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia Just by reading the name of the festival, you can get an understanding of the c Hands for what you’re in for during this unique festival. Lots of rainforest themed acoustic instruments, this will definitely be unlike any festival you have attended before. Borneo is a beautiful island, and this would be a great way to experience the culture while hearing some great music. 12) Songkran Water Festival When: Mid-April Where: All over Thailand (Recommended Chiang Mai) The Thai Lunar New Year is celebrated with three days of utter madness across the country. From personal experience, this has been one of the highlights of my trips in Southeast Asia. The popular belief is that “water” washes away all the sins of the previous year, and is a fresh start for the next year. It’s a nice festival, but it’s also a crazy party. There are theaters and music playing all around, great clubs and nightlife to go out at night. The preparation is different every year, but be sure to try this at least once in your life. Check out my Songkran 2015 video. There is actually an official music festival during Songkran. I wrote about it in my article Top 10 Music Festivals in Thailand! check it out. 13) Full Moon Party When: Once a month during the full moon. Dates are found here. Where: Haad Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand Website: Why: Last but not least, no Southeast Asian festival list is complete without experiencing at least one full moon party. Although it’s been getting negative attention lately, it’s definitely a good night out if you’re with the right people. Koh Phangan is one of the craziest party islands in Southeast Asia, and there are plenty of other party must-attends on the island as well. While I couldn’t list all the music festivals in Southeast Asia, this is a solid list of what I think are the top 12. All of these festivals bring in some live musicians and DJs, and it will provide a great party environment for all of them. You have to dance till you die and meet some great people. Be sure to check out my other blog posts about music festivals. 25 Music Festivals In America To Experience Before You Die 30 Music Festivals In Europe To Experience Before You Die 30 Music Festivals In Australia To Experience Before You Die Did I miss any great music festivals in Southeast Asia? Let me know in the comments section! 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