Tondavli Beach

If you are looking for a clean and virgin beach, just drop everything else and come here to Tondavli Beach. The walk from Talashil to Achara along the seashore is simply a mesmerizing experience. As you walk on the soft sand, listening to the waves play their touch and go with the shore, you will not even realize that you walked almost 9 KM from one place to the other.

The Kalavai creek is also close by which gives Tondavli beach a unique advantage. For the adventure seekers, you can go water scooter riding and banana boat sailing here in this creek. If you keep a lookout, it is easily possible to see dolphins without going into the deep sea.

Two islands inside the Kalaval creek make for an excellent one day adventure. You can go there by row-boat and explore these islands along with local guides and experience a wonderful natural habitat.

A couple of days spent in visiting the temples of Shri Vagheshwar and Shri Datta Mandir. There is another temple devoted to Gopal Krishna that has beautiful carvings that will leave you wondering at the skills of the artisans who built these.

Keen and patient anglers can try their luck as the cast their hook, line, and sinker over the Kalaval bridge. Remember, while fishing, patience is the most important attribute that you should bring along to haul in a good catch.

Since the main occupation of the village Tondavli is fishing, this place is a seafood lovers paradise. Fresh catch from the day is served on the plate in the local cooking style. Mouthwatering preparations of Pomfret, Kingfish, Indian Salmon, and Sardines will leave you finger licking. The authentic Malvani taste will stay on your tongues for a long time to come.

Upcoming attractions around Tondavli include the Sarjekot port to the south and the ‘Sea-World’ park attraction to the north which is bound to be a great tourist attraction.

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