Munge Beach

For those who just want to relax, lying on the soft sand looking at clouds drift by as the sea waves kiss the beach and making a soft caressing noise, Munge beach is the ideal place. It allows revelers to enjoy the peace and tranquil as they calm their minds and recharge their senses.

The blue water with a tinge of green is perfect and unpolluted. The soft white sand stretches for many miles along the seashore and walking in the sand guarantees a calm and refreshed mind.

If you have imagined a beach with natural rocks, coconut palms and white sand and fishing boats dotting the blue-green water, this is it. Munge beach assures you of a picture postcard perfect scene and a holiday that you will cherish forever. Go ahead and book your stay at the Lakshmi Krupa Holiday Home and you can spend a day at this beach along with your family, or a large group of friends.

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