Achara beach is considered as a paradise beach especially for anglers, swimmers and for sunbathing. This beach is situated at a distance of 36kms from Kankavali and 22kms away from Malvan. This Achara beach is even regarded as one of the most charming beaches other than any beach such as Sindhudurga beach. Moreover, this Achara beach has a vast number of dolphins. Therefore, several aquatic lovers can certainly plan a trip for Achara beach during their vacations. Also to spot numerous dolphin tourists must plan their trip in between months from October to February. Not only the aquatic species but nature admirers will love this place as it contains various species of birds. In this season, from October to February, a fair number of migratory birds fly to this beach.

Also, this beach offers some fishing activities. Achara beach is an ideal place to chill vacations with the sea waves. One must not delay and think more about it. They must immediately plan a trip and make a booking in advance so that they can have full fun during their vacations. This Achara beach is measured as an estuary which is a paradise especially for swimmers, sunbathers and dolphin watchers.

achara beach pic