Aanganewadi Temple

This is very a famous temple in Malvan. Various theories are viewed to explain the origin of the temple. One of them is that a cow belonging to one of the villagers used to discharge milk in the green wood which turned in a plaque. When the owner went out to look for the cow, he found the matter. On same day he got a divine message in his dream. He started to worship that stone of plaque. The word sprayed and people have since been visiting the place annually. Since the plaque was found in rocky soil (Bharad) the goddess come to be known as Bharadi.

The date of annual fair at Aanganewadi(“AanganewadichiJatra”), in Masure known as parallel Pandharpur of Konkan, is announced in February each year. The name Aanganewadi indicate predominance of people with surname Angane. According to a legend a goddess materialized in village in the form of a stone plaque, 400 years ago. Since then people have been flocking to a village for ‘Darshan’, every year. There is no fixed day or date for the fair. It is decided by consents.

Although Aanganewadi is a part of Masure village, a dispute between Devasthan committees of the two places led to the separation of Aanganewadi from Masure. Yet that they are attached by faith in the goddess.

Aanganewadi temple is renewed just before 2 years. This temple is built of plaque stone in the Nagara style of architecture is enclosed in a spacious courtyard. The sanctum internally a square and externally a stellar structure houses a small plaque. The sanctum is crowned with a graceful tower, crowned with a giant amalaka and a golden kalasha.

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